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Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates/gift cards!

Dear Buyers, You can also buy Ayurvedic Urea with Ayurvedic Urea gift cards. In order to purchase via Ayurvedic Urea gift cards, you need to first purchase those gift cards (or if you already have one received from your friend or family members as a gift) and send us the gift card code numbers. Once we verify the code numbers are correct, we will  then ship the product to your address anywhere in the world. It's that easy to buy with Ayurvedic Urea Gift Certificates.

Buy Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates/cards!

Note:- We ourself don't issue Ayurvedic Urea gift cards or gift certificates. 
All cards/certificates are issued by third party vendor gf.codenash.com.

Is there anyone in your friend's circle, family or neighbor who is of short stature and desperately wanting to grow taller and increase their height legitimately? Do you want to surprise someone by giving them the best gift of all times? If yes, we are ready to fulfill your wish by providing you Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates/card. You can pay us using Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates instead of cash. If you bought Ayurvedic Urea gift certificate from Codenash.com or from somewhere(grocery, retails, friends and etc) then you can use those certificate to be redeemed for purchase. All gift certificates expire after 3 years if unused and redeemed cards expire immediately after redemption.

>>----- How to redeem?
Simply send us the gift certificate/gift card code to support@ayurvedicurea.com with "GIFT CERTIFICATE" as subject line. Once we receive your email with valid codes, we will provide you instructions on how to redeem the card! Minimum wait time for redemption of gift certificate is 12 hours and maximum is 48 hours! If you don't receive any emails from us within 48 hours please resend us email again!!!

>>----- Who accept gift certificates?
We and any of our authorized sellers will more than be happy to accept your gift certificate/gift card to be redeemed towards purchase of Ayurvedic Urea products.

>>----- How to buy Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates?
Visit https://www.codenash.com to buy now!


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