Ayurvedic Urea Dhatrumurgasiniy Herb



(Everyone is covered)

Note:- Nobody has claimed the double money back yet so you know what does that mean but even though for your peace of mind this is how our 120 days double money back policy work!

This is one of our most generous policy and it's applied to the following Ayurvedic Urea products!

1) 4 inches Powder or Liquid
2) 6 inches Powder or Liquid
3) 8 inches Powder or Liquid
4) Herb package
5) 1 inch sample package

Additionally, this double money back policy is applied to USA/CANADA customers only! To learn about 100% refund policy for customers located outside USA/CANADA please contact us!!!

How does this policy work?
Example:- You bought a 4 inches pack from us on January 1 2012 for USD $20000 and the product was delivered to you on January 20 2012. You started using the product from January 21 2012 and you saw improvement in your height and you have grown taller. But what happens if you do not grow taller? Don't panic please wait until 90 days has passed and still you see no improvement in your height or you don't grow at all send us whatever is left with you in your package along with a doctor certificate from our approved panel doctors. Once we verify the doctor report is accurate and genuine, we will then send you your double money back i.e USD $20000 + USD $20000 = USD $40000 with no questions asked.

Why is the doctor report or test required?
Answer:- To check whether you took the medicine for at least 90 days or not. The lab testing report from our approved panel doctors reveals the following:-
a) Dwarf or not
b) HIV infected or not
c) Continuos usage of Ayurvedic Urea for at least 90 days or not
d) Accurate biological age

Note:- You cannot fake the doctor report and please be advised that Ayurvedic Urea remains in your blood stream for at least 7-8 months. If we believe the report is suspicious or altered in some ways we may advise you to take the test again or proceed with different legal ways to handle the situation! You must be willing to travel for the doctor test report in USA or Canada! Panel doctors location in U.S includes New York, California and Florida. Panel doctors location in Canada includes Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

Note:- You shouldn't buy this medicine at all if you are one of the following and the double money back policy does not apply:-
a) Dwarf
b) HIV victim
c) Anyone over 45 or under 13

Note:- This policy doesn't cover shipping damages or custom issues.

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The Ayurvedic Urea Official Team
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