Ayurvedic Urea Dhatrumurgasiniy Herb


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1) Ayurvedic Urea is very very rare. We (Ayurvedic Urea Officials/Ayurvedic Urea Manufacturers/Ayurvedic Urea Inventors/Ayurvedic Urea Producers) cannot produce  more than 200 packages(Assuming 8 inches as a core and not 4 or 6 inches) of Ayurvedic Urea in a period of 1 year due to its rareness.

2) Ayurvedic Urea is still in its research phase. All the sales ongoing are UNOFFICIAL(Assuming Experimental Sale Charging Full Price)! To be officially launched for sale on 1/7/2014 and thereafter...

3) Ayurvedic Urea has no side-effects and no long term impacts. It doesn't harm human body at all. Except a tiny somnolence(sometimes bigger somnolence) it has no effects and impacts. You can be fearless and consume it without worrying about its side-effects. The somnolence is nothing at all, but  make sure you quit your current job or take a long break, because trust us, it won't let you do anything except sleeping whole day and night.

4) Ayurvedic Urea is very expensive. For more see the price-list.

5) Ayurvedic Urea works guaranteed. There is not even a single case of it has not worked on human body. Till today's date 1/29/2012 We have conducted at least 771 research of Ayurvedic Urea on human body and the results are 100% positive. The countries involved were India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and China and currently the research is going on with  Japan. Please note all researches are/were conducted privately.

6) One of the shocking Ayurvedic Urea fact is:- It doesn't work on Dwarf or Dwarfism peoples. 10 experiments were conducted on 10 Dwarfs, they didn't grew even a single millimeter and there was certain risk factors involved due to which we need to stop the experiment in the middle. Please, never ever try to purchase this medicine for dwarfs, it doesn't work and you might be risking their lives. We cannot reveal the RISK FACTOR, however this risk factor is seen only in dwarfs and not in other normal humans. For normal human beings there is only one impact and that is the somnolence effect. Note:- Research on dwarfs is still ongoing!

7) Ayurvedic Urea is the one and only legitimate height increasing and grow taller medicine in the world. It is not a SCAM and in case of any errors like no growth or no height gain full double moneyback is given without any questions asked.

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