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The Ayurvedic Urea Official Support Team

(Many times we receive offensive questions or questions that are deemed difficult to answer. We either can't answer honestly or don't feel comfortable even being asked.)

Why can't you answer every question?
We would honestly like to answer every question that we receive with a personal email. The number of questions we receive has been steadily growing with time, and we no longer have the time to respond to each question. So, we made a difficult decision. We would continue to answer every email we receive from people's which is easy to answer and is not deemed insolent.

Are there questions from people's that you cannot or will not answer?
Yes, a few. They are as follows - ...

a) Do you have a phone number? Is phone support available? note;- we've already made clear on our website that we don't offer phone support. However we do offer phone support and priority email support to our investors involved in the "Ayurvedic Urea Investment Program"

b) Are you guys scam? This is the most offensive question we receive on a day to day basis and we can't really comment on this.

c) Can I get this product for free coz I am poor? Please understand we are a business and such policies violates our business tactics and terms. Also try and understand that we are here to make money!

d) Where are you located? Where do you operate from? note; we are a registered LLC operating under different name(privacy maintained) located in San Francisco, California, USA and due to the nature of product we operate in a private environment.

e) I want to exchange my product with yours, lets do it , what are the requirements? We don't offer exchange with your product!

f) Can I call Sharon Stone? Mrs Sharon is a very busy person and we don't encourage you to call her and therefore we cannot provide her numbers to you but you may email her at sharon@ayurvedicurea.com. 

g) What is the science behind Ayurvedic Urea? The science behind Ayurvedic Urea is already published on our home page, please check it out!

h) Where can I get Dhatrumurgasiniy? Dhatrumurgasiny is a herb and alternate name for Ayurvedic Urea. You can buy this herb from us!

i) Can you show me Ayurvedic Urea box or proof of existence of Ayurvedic Urea? For detailed answer to this question please click here

j) Does Ayurvedic Urea really exist? Yes, it exist and is real, please contact us to learn more about buying!

k) Why is proof only available to people who purchased and why not to everyone? This falls under our privacy policy and You can find answer to this question here or contact us to learn more!

l) Could you please let us know the name of celebrities who took Ayurvedic Urea? This falls under our "strict & confidential buyers privacy policy" and You can contact us to learn more!

m) What does powder or liquid look like? Powder is plain white and liquid is more of like light yellowish water!

and more...

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