Ayurvedic Urea Dhatrumurgasiniy Herb

Origin of The Ayurvedic Urea Name (History)

Origin of The Ayurvedic Urea Name (History)

3 common misconception about Ayurvedic Urea name -

Do not be fooled by the name Ayurvedic. Ayurvedic Urea is no where related to Ayurveda from India, ... So if you are searching about Ayurvedic Urea in your ancient Indian Ayurveda texts/books you are torturing yourself to the max. learn in details below...

1) It was named 'Ayurvedic' because It contains no chemicals at all. The herbs are dried and later transformed to powder/liquid.

2) It was named 'Ayurvedic' because our founder liked that particular name. It was named 'Urea' because our founder Mrs Sharon Stone thought Urea is somewhere related to growth. The Urea we are talking here is nowhere related to following pages mentioned below:

3) Containing name Ayurvedic doesn't necessarily mean it was developed/found/invented/originated in India. Except the name "Ayurvedic" this medicine has no relation with Ayurveda from India and doesn't require any license or registration in India! If you think Ayurvedic Urea is something which came out from India you are 100% wrong.

Our Urea is completely different. Its just like the famous city London in UK and London in Canada. The only thing that matches is the name "London". Rest, everything is different.

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