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What is Yarsagumba its Price and benefits? Supplier Yarchagumba?

YARSAGUMBA, What is it and what are the Health benefits?
Nothing gets crazier than this. Thousands of people’s running here and there with slippers in their hands and trying to catch a rare herb. It’s not even a herb it’s a half fungus half plant. Found in the upper Himalayas and several feet above the sea level the hunt for Yarsagumba begins to early and doesn’t even stop. It sounds weird but people are living in these area only to collect this rare medicinal herb yarchagumba. Different meaning in different languages but yet the most powerfully know is the word yarsagumba.

Let’s explain this now. So what is Yaragumba all about? What does it even mean? It’s a rare amazing larva or in some other meanings caterpillar it’s basically a fungus that lives in the body of a plant and is infected so wildly that it cannot survive and dies and later turns into a living ghost.

What is Yarsagumba its price benefits and supplier information

Yarsagumba this is it. The craze for this exotic Himalayan herb fungus also known as Yarchagumba in Tibetean language is getting wildly popular. Peoples are flocking from every corners of the world to collect this rare medicinal herb. But why is it gaining so popularity. What’s the reason behind it we look into it in details. Yarsagumba is coming from a latin word cordyceps sinesis which means a plant which grows in the summer and winter as well. Pretty scary isn’t it? Well don’t be. Let’s look further.

April 27, 2070-nearly three thousand kilos yarcagumbu annual revenue by evading the Tibetan market, a study has to be exported. Nepal will be sold for Rs 25 to Rs 40 lakh in the Chinese market is yartsa.

According to the study were collected from different districts, the annual 5 thousand kilos of only two thousand kilos of revenue collection has. Revenue rate is Rs 10 a kg yartsa. Tyobaheka 5 thousand to pay customs duty. The study will be lost annual revenue has around 4 million. 20 thousand for illegal export of freshwater, treacherous roknakai revenue was reduced by half the rate of 2062 moderated.

DFO Raju Chhetri, Dolpa district have four years of study in various places in other districts in Dolpa Tibetan mountain checkpoint yartsa market has illegally exported. The lack of export of natural border suraksaposta.

Dolpa 6 points in the merchant of high quality (A grade) yartsa He also said that smuggling through illegal means. Only low-quality Nepalgunj to Kathmandu arrives. Kathmandu last 15 to 20 million was traded at Rs. 'Businessman Nepalgunj and Kathmandu yarcagumbuko a kg to Rs 20 lakh, while those overcome by the Tibetan market 25 million, "he said.

 According to Suresh teaches dimensional yartsa knowledgeable cinalagayata considered the world's best Nepali yartsa. "Young yartsa demand is more excitement," he said.

Dolpapachi DARCHULA, Mustang, Manang, humlalagayata district is also the export of Revenue Investigation yartsa. DARCHULA and Humla their various entry clearance Tibet merchant directly. According to the expert, Dipesh Pyakurel Mustang and Manang is also directly export to Tibet.

Although the study found 25 yarsha 9 district is the only commercial business. China's annual consumption of 500 tons of the world's most yartsa is.

Yartsa to prevent smuggling and scientific manner and benefit from the collection strategy will be formulated to avoid going to the Forest Ministry Secretary Ganesh Raj Joshi said.

April 18, 2071-district residents in the northeastern towns yarcagumbu village started to go pick up patanatira becoming empty.

Last week, maikotasthita Pupal April, grille and arabida yartsa press conference after picking system of local residents who patanatira. Rukum's Gotamkot, Syalagadi, thigh, hukama, ranmamaikota, Taksera, Mahat, Gurjakhani, kolalagayata dozen VDCs have started to be empty. For three months, the locals are being bukipatana leave your restructure.

They have basdobasti luggage bukipatanama pursue. VDC adhere balabalikadekhi vrddhavrddhasameta home and have to pick up wearing yarcagumbu. Two weeks Jajarkot, Rukum, Rolpa, Salyan district has begun to take the purview of bukipatana know. Two weeks inconvenience to daily four thousand more local patanatira Hon momentum Gotamkot Imrika Malla said on the phone. "All have started to go home and put patanatira," he said, "The villagers began to become lonely."

The second week of May the season would start work to pass yarcagumbu collection management committee member Nanda Pun. "This time around fifteen thousand people is not likely to pick yartsa," he said, "and this time yartsa price rising by more than four hundred daily yartsa good as have been taking."

Yarcagumbu collected from neighboring districts of Rolpa, Baglung, Myagdi, Dolpa, Jajarkot districts to collect thousands of people visit the yarcagumbu. A season of about fifteen million Pun business. Three thousand people were coming to collect 15 thousand entry fee and businessmen, he said.

All three areas of security sector yartsa found more than a hundred volunteers khatinechan. They jumped primary treatment, security and the law has already been said.

According to the locals as the Eastern VDC show the savings should amount to yarcagumbuko the empty settlements to be the purview of the local roofing began to take. VDC in the district headquarters, including the surrounding locals have started to go bukipatana. Yarcagumbu locals picked up in August, but bukipatanabata fall out.

9 April 1, 2071-The student arriving in the upper areas of the abhibhavakasamgai yarcagumbu lekatira pick some schools have been shut.

Gurja district, Mudi, cimakholalagayata mountainous settlement yartsa thereafter seek to walk after lekatira mudisthita buddhivikasa and clinched at least a month for the welfare gurjako schools have closed. "Yartsa harvest time because more than 1 hundred 50 vidyarthisameta village 4 lekatira him," said farmer buddhivikasa Secondary School headmaster Jaga. Gurjaghata, Queen-mangalekhaniko rikhara area, Chimkhola lagoon, Mudi Dhaulagiri base camp for hundreds of young lekatira nearer to pick yartsa. Dhaulagiri Base Camp area they reach the 6 peaks.

Similarly, take Mustang, Marfa and Alpine village of Upper Mustang, dolpasamga connected to the Tibetan border areas have reached a critical region, hundreds of merchant roofing. Myagdi settlement will be collected and the Mustang will be collected in Kathmandu yartsa Lomanthang checkpoint has to be exported to Tibet.

These areas to local forest user groups designated by yartsa charged at present. Yartsa main farmer picking the right price, bear any money found to have complained. When arriving in the village of yartsa money will be seeking death has fallen.

Last year, the district west of Dhaulagiri base camp set mudivasile Chinese businessman groves kg 13 million 50 thousand were transported by helicopter. Gumbu with government revenue collection and chodapurji kg to 10 thousand have.

May 27, 2071-48 years later, in 1 to May 9, 66 self geographer. DR. Harka Gurung, accompanied his visit to the height of 4 thousand 5 hundred 23 meters southeast direction when jaunla Bhanjyang large Bucci roofing and manavasunya was deserted. Jaunla Sangabhanjyang Dhorpatan Hunting begins geography. It borders of the Karnali and Rapti zone boundary also Dolpa and Batha. Dolpa saharatara and Batha checkpoint maikota gavisabicako. Gurung jaunladekhi purvana team set up a camp there one night and sat dropping.

This time he had visited the area useless when the sky opened and most of the snow chyannai had disappeared. I hope that his visit during the rainy season may be no fog or September or October would be affected if the lower dolpadekhi travel rukumatira modinthe West. Because of the snow cover antimadekhi jaunlalai August. It is impossible to take this trip. Gurung yatravrttanta book, "bhinyetsa of Nepal 's Phoksundo end tarakota Rukum and Baglung chapter titles phoksundodekhi Dolpa Dhorpatan Valley Travel is mentioned.

At that time, perhaps, was discussed recently as yarsagumbu words. Otherwise, the books that would be a significant discussion. Plant expert Dr. Tirtha Bahadur Shrestha and Tourism Karna Shakya this way tend to have the upper dolpasammako travel. However, they also did not write anything yarsabare.

50's, yarsabare know the number of Nepalis were finger could be counted. We tyahimkai half mushroom half butterfly were the residents wondered. While the rich June saunatira bukipatanama bubabajeharu bhedagothalo scattered field by field staff mushrooms from the forest, they went umiraera pimdaula pimdaulasamma ray. Sometimes eating cooked vegetables mushroom chimolera bhedagothalaharu ray. Vegetables too were called unique flavor. At high highland part of the living bhedagothalo bubabajeharule the kahamda now I think that all times.

"Tibetan refugees Dhorpatan Pupal areas, those who were the first to discover yarsagumbu," says maikotaka purvapradhanapanca shadow again, 'then put japanijaharule interest. " What is this 52 demise. After starting the "people's war for the upkeep of the Maoist guerillas became a useful means of exchange, Yarsa. Yarsagumba their weapons and clothing trade has unlimited money would buy. These areas were astonished by the Maoists bukipatana and this region. The state resources and power to fight the Maoists collection of this contribution was good yaunasaktibarddhaka butile.

Harka Gurung and Karna Shakya, who traveled this route Dudhpokhari Dolpa, Nepal major area for business nowadays has become Yarsagumba. Yarsagumba Nepal Dolpa, Humla, Jumla, Manang, Mustang, one within and Rukum district grows high mountain terrain. If the quality of the area should cogitate dolpaantargata most Yarsagumba Yarsagumba considered Batha. Maikotako jaunla, gurahana, bhitrivana and Pupal Yarsagumba most preferred sector. Equal to 1 gram fresh weight of an average Yarsagumba has. Looking for a large, attractive, athletic and golden Yarsagumba Shan Chinese market more cheaply different states of the merchants. Bukipatanamai this year is expected to exceed pratigota Yarsagumba cost 1 thousand.

Yarsagumba tipnedekhi Yarsagumba business with a mass of people who have been increasingly maikotama activity today. Nepal Most quality Yarsagumba and the Yarsagumba akasimdo bhaule attention has been focused on maikota. This is the first week of April when maikota home village was very quiet. Young Young dekhinnathe village. To prepare the necessary logistic and vyaparakai were in relegation for the saharabajara. Is reluctant to pass the responsibility to use and harvest woman, children and the elderly were baamaharuko shoulders.

Barley was ripe. They seemed eager to cut even green. Dirt on the ground had not yet gaigoruharu bepravaha lekatira were left. Recently calf care cattle have not reached. The new academic year has begun, the schools were empty.

Local mastaraharule school Katuwal hakarna for injection was also no one cares. For, the end of June due to school season, reading Yarsagumba were not sure whether locals.

June 1 Season Management Committee on Thursday for the formal announcement of the journey is Yarsagumba maikotadekhi. As the days have passed, so maikotama chilly bhitrineharuko is lambimdo Hon. Only hundreds of youths surged uvabata Yarsagumba intending to collect information in the maikotatarpha about to pursue. Last year alone, millions of its young people bring lots of money. Gulf countries have been vying to employment bahirineharulai the same season last year pupalamai said they were young. The hotel, restaurant and gambling to some merchants are now trying to meat trade has increased dramatically in the ramgabhainsi and tabernacles. The number of displaced ghodakhaccadako motaragadile the lower slopes of pohorabhanda baklieko. Rukum Khalanga, Baglung Dhorpatan, Thabang in Rolpa, Dolpa Dunai and saharatara bhitrineharu pass through this season and only about 10 thousands Yarsagumba owed to assess the sign Pupal season by the Committee. On April 22 the safety of the area under paragraph dalamana Yarsagumba more than a hundred local youth team has signed Pupal.

"Yarsagumba-ikonomiko wonderful cultural side. It is considered the best time for love, those who. Trying to get to know and to introduce a common baklinu Yarsagumba collection is made. Some have also settled the affair bond stick together, die together, while others have taken an oath to live.

Yarsagumba areas not only have a positive side. Most of the state presence is not a simple collection inside Yarsagumba confidence. Fear can rob a boost to the local and related stakeholders to deal with trade and business visitors to get a smooth manner is based clearly. How is reluctant to control the operation of gambling to chaos? Khullamakhula intoxicated, conflicts and recurring inventory hanapitako worry that is natural. Settlements are down and the cold trap is not only the lives of children.

Towards this end, a 13-member Yarsagumba paragraph maikotama nandajita management committee has been a season. Safe and peaceful environment throughout the season Yarsagumba season to maintain the Committee has put forward various strategies. Yarsagumba season until completion of the police team continued khatinecha Pupal area. Yarsagumba season to enter the sarvasadharanatarpha Committee Pupal Yarsagumba area in case local residents ranmamaikota VDC fee of Rs 1 and Rs 3 fee prescribed by the general public related to ranmamaikota gavisabahekaka. Similarly, 15 per one thousand worth Yarsagumba merchant fee collection has decided to tender. Yarsagumba purchase and sale of commercial prayojanale Yarsagumba everybody else in trade and do business on the basis of his evaluation of the group or person to maintain a minimum fee of Rs 5 is.

The most interesting aspect of enjoyment during the season when bukipatanatarpha environment, and the group tours are suffering. Fixed incidents between the way of life and odarabasa sides of strange. Maikota engaging in the village will be set up temporary camps for shelter among dule and senakhola about 4,200 feet high, and the last day to rest before he Pupal the field open for a homemade gun incidents are dhamakasamgai. The tour concludes with a formal Yarsagumba particular.

May 11, 2071-mid-high mountain areas thanko public works, accusing each other yarsagumbu years to the prosecutor declared that they are picking. Dolpa, Mugu, Rukum, State and Main, based Yarsagumba role in many lives, even the government agencies concerned to make the collection has not been organized and secure. Chaos hit owed it have the same, random selection, that is being soiled and illegal nikasile revenue leakage. Post reporters Prasad Gautam / Rukum, Bahadur Shahi / Mugu, Bhim Singh / JAJARKOT, Bishnu old / Dolpa and LP Devkota / Jumla writes:

The quality yarsagumbu be found in the area, Batha maikotasthita bukipatana, where about 10 thousand civilians since May 1 have reached to pick up. Season Management Committee Chairman nandajita Pun 6 thousand 3 hundred people have taken to allow Yarsagumba said. This year, more than 4 Yarsagumba good umriekale still compiler is expected to Truman.

Maikotako janala, aravija, gurahana, bhitrivana and Pupal this area has many tonic nettle. Bhandari bold Yarsagumba umiraekale collection of merchants selling at the scene say pratigota 1 thousand. Last year the season of the management committee is expected to double the collection.

Lack of public access to the compiler of the tax district is making efforts to bring the problem. Local Development Officer Bharat Kumar Sharma, government officials sent to collect from the scene, said the problem. "Due to the cold weather and insecurity is a problem employee to reach Patan area," Sharma said, adding that the district forest chodapurji to take into account the local water pipeline is even. '

DDC 2 rupees per kg and one 10 thousand to take the office. The previous year's forests and 52 kg Yarsagumba chodapurji 5 million 10 thousand and the district is Rs 1 lakh 4 thousand was collected. Only small businessman to use road transport and forest headquarters office chodapurji I have to take. 'Faults sthalasammai collection chartered helicopter evacuation Yarsagumba do, "said local businessman bhagimana Buda, from large-scale government big businesses are able to skirt.' According to the committee, more than a year kvintalabhanda Yarsagumba season Yarsagumba rukumamai is set. Last year, about 40 million businesses, he added.

The lack of interest in the police administration settling cases Yarsagumba increase in collection and have clashed place. Rose in the robbery in order to increase the presence of the police team, the problem complained of being sankalakaharule. According to the District Police Office 9 times in the last year, 24 people were injured and 32 were injured when a prey owed. Only five days ago prevented a clash Yarsagumba merchant balamana were seriously injured. He is undergoing treatment in Kathmandu. "The first days of clashes, looting and lack of fighting would have to grow from mid-August the end of these events," said maikotaka civil Bahadur Pun, "police mobilization in recent days have been increasing crime."

Binay Kumar Jha, Deputy Superintendent of Police manpower shortage and bad weather due to the district security operations said that he could place the collection. When she was not there when it happened, and research bukipatana nearby police station to see dolpasthita Majhpal said. Now bukipatanama hundred youth team has been deployed to protect the sijana Pun management committee issuing entry fees 3 thousand and 15 thousand merchant to take the money, he said. The amount collected by him in quite clear about where to spend the irregularities complained of locals.

Sattu-Samal carry patanatira

Mugu Srinagar, Sonam Tamang son got sattu-Samal carry for two months ascended to pick yartsa lekatira. Every year yarsakai are subsistence income sonamale have been living. This season is about 1 onwards, cattle and children over the wearing of elderly who could walk lekatira uklinchan incidents.

Great koiki, rimara, sutures chapakhola, hanadana opened dolphuko found Yarsagumba roofing area. Not only Kamal incidents, neighboring districts as well come. Every year, almost 42 million more than there would have Yarsagumba business entrepreneurs. Here one of them earn up to Rs 1 to 3 million. East Keran sector 27, two higher secondary school teachers, students and health professionals working in local health institutions, including schools have been shut incidents started going up roofing. The village health centers are deserted. On May 10 and 15, from the forest to enter the billing collection Yarsagumba pipeline VDC secretary under Capricorn Raval Domestic revenue collection. Patan area of ​​the police special precautions. Thousands of people thronged to conflict, to prevent crime, the police assigned to the district office corilagayata is claimed. Lake police special team '41 has gone, "said Deputy Superintendent of Police Pushkar KC," to prevent any criminal incident is high alert. " Mugu is about 4 kvintalasamma Yarsagumba production. If that occurred three years sankalakale said. Prices have been pressed Yarsagumba year. 4 years ago 12 to 15 million kg of soiled Yarsagumba has now reached 26 million.

Production compared to revenue of ultra-low rise. 064 70 million, 65 million in the 57, 66 in the dispute could not be collected due to the revenue. About 17 million on 068 9 0 9 7 million higher than last year thousand of the collected according to the DDC. There he found the field of roofing compiled Yarsagumba merchant purchase illegal extraction of Tibet because the district revenue officer at silanatha Jha said. "Yarsagumba revenue collection process does not start up the system," he said, "DDC, VDC, local youth clubs and one enemy is no lack of taking office revenue."

Dunai of Dolpa often appear deserted shop is crowded now. Dunai, Jufal and Tripurakot incidents roofing market is ascending crowd. There are 2 hundred 18 hotels filled. Four / five days leading business daily, 30 thousand of the merchants said Shyam Gupta. "At other times, 5 times more business than it is," he said. Yarsagumba sankalakale provisions were similar enough. Together, colds, fever, headaches, and even first-aid kit with medicine to the Karnali Health Clinic Nabaraj he said.

Separate each VDC in Jumla Lake

Here are no rules for collecting the various highland Yarsagumba. VDC has its own lake area are. There is not allowed to collect other gavisakalai. Mugu and Dolpa Yarsagumba highland way to collect a certain date only as designating all of the users' committee to sign the same day they open. However, if the first on Jumla can discern a lot of collection.

Jumla gajyanakota, depalagaum and kartikasvamiko Bara, Singe and patarasiko the annual press conference to give a quintals Yarsagumba collection and clearance of forests as acting chief of the billing sources said. Yarsagumba forest clearance and collection of revenue, is charging 10 kg for billing.

When parts of Yarsagumba income, equally risk. Collection, sales, income, and it exists to protect the challenge. Get on the mountain to search for the risk of death Yarsagumba. It takes some lake, much of the danger threatening avalanche fell 5 Bahadur Nepali said Jajarkot khagenakota. He said that not paying for the jokhimakoe inflows. The point object is interrupted by lutinesameta venture. Various forestry committee, forced thousands of young klabalagayatale 5 entry fee to divorce have to repay. It is also to go back empty-handed lutapatale many compiler.

40 thousand of various

Any of various Lake Yarsagumba possible. However, its more than 40 different villages to seek Yarsagumba dolpatira home. High highland areas by trying to sell them Yarsagumba earn good. As an important source of income for the month of June every year Dolpa valuable herbs in the mountains of fawning crowd seems Yarsagumba. Enraged by various organizations, khagenakota, Bhagwati,, over, at best, OCE, painka, detonate, Lah, Dandagao, Punma, powdery, archani, Tolegaun, garkhakota, jagatipuralagayata half a dozen villages come up with 40 thousand residents of the lake to find Yarsagumba.

And some have gone to buy some Yarsagumba find. The point of sale of the demand for scarce Yarsagumba pratigota 5 Dandagao 6 danilala Pun. The first week of May in the mountains grow, incidents of children, the elderly, farmers, teachers, employees, traders and vidyarthisameta have to go. 50 thousand to 2 million per two-week search at Yarsagumba paying the Pun.

Most Yarsagumba find lekatira

I suppose these days are deserted villages. They Dolpa, Taksi, Sisol, navarapani, phulavarilagayata Lake uklisakeka are high.

May 17, 2071-yarcakunbhu pick one person has been killed saldanako old roofing.

According to the police press conference reached piped days to saldanga VDC of Nuwakot VDC to lack of sea incident, 17-year-old Ashok Kumar Lake of cure when the Dunai Fetching the way I died.

Lake silence the press conference before the majhaphalako pokepanima Rukum Chisapani and bagadaada kaadatalika including the local one and 2 people died, police said.

May 20, 2071-This season has been Yarsagumba 1 million 42 thousand revenue collection. Revenue increased in the last years. 9 7 million was collected last year. This time, raised a total of 40 million rajasvamadhye VDC in Mugu is submitted. DDC 20 million and 35 million will be spent management VDC secretary Rawal Capricorn. 5 million has been spent 42 thousand volunteers, he said.

From outside the district, locals 1 thousand 5 hundred, 11 hundred and Mugu for district chiefs of the locals to 5 million per year revenue collection was taking. A receipt for the majority of incidents cutting roofing sector, and three / four pupils go as expected revenue collection because no secretary said Rawal.

Range National Forest found Mugu VDC Yarsagumba 40 percent higher than the total amount rajasvamadhye each year have to spend Mugu VDC local monopoly. To apportion the amount, about 1 in 20 households are wearing have to take. 40 per cent donation to the intimidation instead Mugu Village Development Team, said revenue.

The revenue raised by the Secretary of Yarsagumba Rawal abuse. "The money will come Bishwokarma sought to bring them to beat the tent by intimidation," he said. Similarly, cost management and svayansevakabapatako 5 million of that 35 million are fed tyahimkai locals.

June 7, 2071-yarsagumbuko mines are considered the score robbery incident repeated this year. Dunai four days above 1 pm yarcasahita naure area Friday night was robbed of four million rupees. Shay-Phoksundo National Park area as the scene of the core must be.

Yarsagumba collection of tents (tents) in an eager and Yarsagumba old merchant group went there to buy 3 million in cash and 5 kg Yarsagumba guards are robbing. Naure area from about month of censorship by Paul compiler and traders were sitting. Every year to reach the various districts rose in the security system is weak.

Traders and Yarsagumba phayarina compiler an opportunity to sleep in a group of 10/12 looted Chief District Officer Krishna Khanal said.

The police were informed about the incident spot, close to the wash. A team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police mohanaprasada Pokharel immediately Dunai Friday morning is going to spot. Ree and have reached the scene on foot as guilty wherever there is a low possibility that the police source said.

Cash prey to research news came Shay-Phoksundo police team was sent in coordination with the National Park CDO talks. According to Dho, the temporary police have been mobilized. Even dhobata naure be inaccessible area. Robbery incidents started saying there this year for controlling the DSP 1 hundred 60 people under the leadership of the armed police team has been deployed. They found Yarsagumba 5 circuits operate in different countries.

Dolpa host are different roofing areas, crime every year. Last year, the park area of ​​the saldangiko roofing 6 million was looted. Looting, not just this year, in many cases where a clash between sankalakakai and disputes incident, Chief District Officer talks. According to him, this year alone, and the dream of majhaphala Patan area Kalang clashed sankalakaharubica.

Those injured are left to be sent to Kathmandu for treatment. These events were also the last years. The score is considered the highest and best Yarsagumba found.

June 11, 2071-- A yartsa business to Rs 5 rounds, 22 to 25 million kg

- mangalabarasamma warrants have been issued for the export of 35 kg yartsa

- Prepare a large amount of collected and transported helikaptaramai

- Large-sized Dolpa yartsa world 'excellent'

Thousands owed Lake (roofing) with the exit from the precious yartsa Dunai got rid of in order to buy the merchant is flocked. More than 28 districts are falling from the compiler Dunai of Dolpa to sell the money from yartsa. Dunai hotels are filled with business and raiser crowd.

Shay-Phoksundo National Park and the District Forest Office usually permitted to place on June 6 by some of the press conference is open 12 fiscal year. Remote lake reached a distance of 3/4 day for several days due to continue returning owed partly yartsa carkanecha environment. Mangalabarasamma warrants have been issued for the export of 35 kg has been yartsa.

Kathmandu, Sindhupalchowk, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, Bhairahawa, Butwal, Surkhet great place to buy and professional traders yartsa come Dunai.

Businessman to buy a yartsa have begun to Rs 5 rounds. About a month from a sankalakale 50 was found to 5 sayavatasamma yartsa. Dolpa bulky yartsa world 'excellent' is considered. Dunai bought yartsa Nepalgunj, Surkhet, Kathmandu Khasa, Hong Kong and Singapore are delivered to the businessman said. "There is a good value yartsa found in Nepal," said Pasang Sherpa of Sindhupalchowk merchant.

Ten years of trading yartsa its value this year, according to Nepalgunj Pratap Malla is the last years to. "Last year's sales were 22 to 25 million rupees," he said, "Singapore is a jungle as many have found 40 million rupaiyaasamma enough." Singapore and Hong Kong to reach nearly yartsa chunk of Dolpa Kathmandu Malla Stating that, "the Chinese businessman to buy yartsa kathamadaunsammai have come."

Last year, the businessman Dunai helikaptaramai Kathmandu yartsa a mile. This year has just started business. "If large-scale collection helikaptarabatai laijanchaum Kathmandu," he said. Fear of being robbed and stolen from the merchant using a helicopter are. A businessman from two to two hundred kilograms of Dunai yartsa the withdrawal, he said.

Dunai, the district forest office and for export to the merchant office park revenue of Rs 10 per kg at present. Dunai taken kathamadaunsammai bill of withdrawal opens the way to take.

Kathmandu Foreign Office, also allows one to take a little while. In addition to the District Development Committee 2 is a provision of Rs fee payment.

So far this year, about 25 kg of one office yartsa CEA has already given clearance warrant. In the last fiscal year was 3 hundred and 15 kg extraction. In 2065/66 more than 8 hundred 72 kg yartsa withdrawal of the office. Upper Dolpa different lake (roofing) in revenue collected yartsa said she wore a Tibetan source said the export of the markets.

July 6, 2071 is going to be sold as-is an invalid one and a half kg yarsakumbhu Tuesday, police said.

Nepalgunj Bus Badikedar hotel is a 5 hundred 57 kilo grams and 14 million 41 thousand illegal Yarsagumba Indian rupaiyamsahita 7 people have been arrested, said Deputy Superintendent of Police susilasinha Gobre.

Yarsasahita arrested seven people are rokayalagayata jaggubahadura kalikotasthita thirapu-5. The lack of them can Yarsagumba collection and export of the necessary documents have been arrested Gobre said.

Invalid on the basis of the information Yarsagumba hotel business district and a joint team of police and reached the ward.

July 2 9, 2072-yarcagumbu nikasisvarupa government mountainous district of Mustang and this year the revenue from the government fund has begun.

Internal Fund Committee and the Annapurna Conservation Area Project of the earlier (ekyapa) under the Conservation Area Management Committee (CMC) of the revenue raised by. "This offense yartsa extraction tax liability businessman kg to 10 thousand rupees government fund admission have, '' ekyapa 'MMC acting chief Kailash Tiwari, said," businessman raised export tax district masts revenue enrolled JBR's government. "He last year Conservation Area Management Committee recommended and DDC on the basis of export tax paid receipt chodapurji had to. "Unless the government revenue receipt submitted is considered illegal," he said, "Government revenue failing to control illegal export and serve you." According to him, the local committee set sankalakale warrant is taken if the merchant does the work of export tax through the prakriyadekhi.

"Ekyapa 'according to 13 VDC of Manang simultaneously thoncebaheka yarcagumbu found 11 VDCs. June 15th deadline set under yartsa to start slow and then collect the Nar and Phu VDC is issued. "Almost all the drainage yartsa 9 VDC has been collected," he said, "Nar and Phu two VDC has started to come." According to Tiwari has been exported to 56 kg yartsa. 10 thousand at Rs 5 lakh 60 thousand rupees admission of the government fund revenue, he said. "The locals have taken to protect such individuals per kg yartsa 5 thousand. 10 thousand were in the past, 'he said,' Man, this time 5 thousand reduced the strain on the businessman may have. "1 hundred 48 kg last year has been charging yarcagumbu Tek said clearance.

"Ekyapa 'MMC Natural Resources Conservation Assistant fine Dongol dhampusama Kaski on May 22, chaired by the director of the Western Regional forest area of ​​ekyapa 5 districts Forest, Soil Conservation Officer, ekyapaka nirdesakalagayata area heads of government revenue from exports herbal meeting was attended by the decision. Timber forest products, to regulate the export 'ekyapa' Protection Office, one office area was also decided to coordinate. One Assistant Forest Officer Bangsa Neupane traders themselves may call the district forest official admission by submitting said the government revenue.

Local Development Officer Gopal Aryal last year, the DDC as internal revenue collection of Rs 10 per kg yarcagumbuko said.

July 10, 2072-The District Administration Office has squandered the Yarsa revenue.

East Keran area roadways roofing Yarsagumba compiler team raised over 7.5 million embezzlement of 60 million to 30 million bhaekomadhye administration has been charging.

Showed interest in the irregularity, including revenue collection authority Yarsagumba Team Coordinator Secretary Makkar Rawal called prasasanamai 30 million to recover by inquiring the CDO Shambhu Prasad Regmi said.

Patan area of ​​about 75 million incidents of local revenue raised, even 15 million, and the remaining 60 million embezzlement of DDC into account when the authority had to be under pressure from the administration showed interest.

Last year, though revenue collection Yarsagumba issuing 1 million 8 thousand Bishwokarma was only 20 million.

July 14, 2072-Midwest mountainous regions called jivanabuti valuable herbs yarcagumbu Lake ascended to pick up this year for thousands of compiler and businesses remained so exciting. Compared to last year, less than half of this year has been collected yartsa. Dolpa to pick yartsa Lake reached Rukum and returned wearing a loan of various compiler. Bahadur Shahi / Mugu, Bishnu old / Dolpa, LP Devkota / Jumla and Bhim Singh / Jajarkot report:

Yarcagumbubata typical financial savings rose to Dolpa was enraged Jajarkot Pariyar lalakumari-8. He heard children as young as 13-year-old daughter Lakshmi easily see yartsa and 9-year-old she had with Lois. However, this year he did not expected. Not many yartsa found, must not have been able to collect. They reached the lake about 30 thousand come Jajarkot Dolpa was spent. She had to pick yartsa loans to pay back the loan lalakumari have returned home.

He not only, Ramidanda 1, sinakotaki 13-year-old and 10-year-old princess Bohra Lakshmi Chhetri joined the neighbor returned home empty-handed as young lake. Similarly, over and Bahadur Rawal 2 gorakhabahadura could also raise costs Dolpa.

This year the lake reached 20 thousand compiler loans carry Jajarkot Dolpa are returned. "This year, little herbs found in the mountains. Forced to return to his home opposite the crushing debt, "said ragdaki lalakumarile. Last June, the village is empty and they had reached the money from Dolpa.

Two years ago, 4 million, earnings are determined by yartsa Lah 2, tumultuous Narendra Vic says this year there will be no income. "One to go / come, eat, revenues and costs of 25 thousand. This year was strange. Tipnele 40/45 found many cases, "he said. This year, 12 million and 18 million kg yartsa value reached by looking at the quality of BK. Over the past years, more than 5 million to 50 million this year, also the lack of pipes is estimated that WFP. Residents of the northeastern region of Dolpa to find yartsa of various kunasa Kagmara, sea, cones, maluvacaura, wash, Taksi, Sisol, navarapanilagayataka press conference had reached.

lack of trading

Known as the score lekaka yartsa quality found only this year and a half quintals of yarcagumbu collected. The previous year's Lake around 6 to 10 quintals of the government, according to yartsa. So far this year, the District Forest Office, 80 kg and 50 kg Shay Phoksundo National Park, just clearing the district forest officer yarcagumbu Chaudhary Prem.

District forest 8 million and 10 thousand per kg Shay Phoksundo National Park 5 million have only revenue collection. While, for the park area to collect 2 million to 70 million revenue raised only allowed purjibapata National Park suligadale Phoksundo Shay said.

After the collection is less compared to last year, this year, a decrease of yarcagumbuko trading. Two hundred pounds more than last year yarcagumbuko Jumla was traded in mid-July of this year, only 1 in 20 kg in business, sources said Shyam assistant forest officer. Last year, about 20 million of revenue this year, barely raised only Rs 12 lakh in revenue collection, he said. CJ weeks in the first week of July third general press conference yartsa to do. However, during the rainy season this year, picking over yartsa and February / March due to low snowfall napagliekale yartsa is growing in the forest authorities estimate. Jumla last year, this year prices are not received yarcale.

Since this time last year sales growth to Rs prativata 5 yartsa home had many hope. However, this time the price of a 5 hundred of finding a debt dillicaura 8 torthi Kami said. "Some of the business is that we had picked yartsa. However, cost is also very cold. Instead loan would feel like, "he said.

Very low collection

Last year Dolpa 3 hundred 13 kg more than the previous year if it had been withdrawal yartsa 6 hundred 63 kg was exported. Last year, many times less than the production of yarcagumbu sankalakaharule said. "Last year I received 3 hundred 21 yartsa. This year, hardly 1 hundred 15 found, "said compiler Bahadur Budha.

Virabahadurajasta yarcagumbu pick up the corpse of a sage old roofing compared to last year, only a quarter said yartsa found. The compiler also plenty who return one yartsa .Internal Dhaniram Malla said. "The hope of a good income yarcagumbubata roofing ago would have turned to tears this time," he said, "paid fees for access to many roofing from 3 thousand of them.

May and June, the collection of the mountainous region of Midwestern yarcagumbu months considered. This has increased the market demand for herbal yartsa Thousands of people around the lake has become a main source of income. This year, the fall in production and yartsa yarcagumbuko of buying merchant respectively. If the price difference is not much. If the value of buyers and traders were not 15 to 17 thousand dollars per kg and sale of Chamber of Commerce vice president of Dolpa Bahadur Gurung said.

 Yarcagumbu for collecting the score Jajarkot, Rukum and Jumla most and Salyan, Dang, Banke, Bardiya, Sindhupalchok, Ramechhap, Dailekeh to reach 15 to 20 in the district have compiler.

Yarcale decreasing poverty

All the produce is not less yartsa Lake. Kamal Lake collection was relatively good textures. Roa 6 kammarasinha aidile this time about one and a half million earned yartsa Khorshane said. He yartsa 3 million earned last year. Every year, he went up a half million and 3 million yartsa season roofing economic living standards has been attained, aidiko family. "Some schools do not even read. Aieda hardly have done a memento of markasita bakasamai palnupareko yartsa life is, "said aidile. Patan yarcale is awful living conditions of the poor. Magma VDC honey has changed the face of the village yarcale Pasang Lama. He fell every year 20 to 25 million yartsa bikritira purchase makes. Pasang yartsa income poverty is eliminated.

Roa 4 tallekha yartsa 2 million earned in the village of Kali Buda this time. Every year during yartsa old roofing reached the 2 to 5 million are attained, and the economic situation have improved. "Stayed in Taiwan for about 5 years. Could earn some money. Yarcatira own land rather than engaging in back began to earn money, "he said. Roofing income communities around the main medium is now yartsa.

 She added that since 2056 the eastern Curran started to pick yartsa roofing area. She added that 12 villages in eastern Curran yarcale have improved the income of residents. This year, about 3 million yarcabatai Roa VDC is brought into. Pulu, Mugu, dolphu VDC is brought into the money 18 million. Check in the village only 5 million magriko honey limited pasanale the same village said. Every year 35 to 42 million business yarcabatai Mugu is expected. Mugu only 3 kvintalasamma yartsa every year the number stands as the yartsa illegal export of Tibet is. Therefore, every year millions of yartsa of the business of government revenue has been declining. This year, only 75 million of revenue is raised higher than last year, 1 million 8 thousand Mugu VDC secretary Rawal Capricorn.

July 5, 2072-so when the East West Darchula taplejunadekhi high hilly prairie (roofing), simply taking the crowd. There are various parts of the country flocked to the same purpose, to search for the precious alpine herbs Yarsagumba. 10-12 years ago, in secret, to be collected on a small scale and low-cost business billions of Yarsagumba business now has been. According to the study, use and Yogesh stepped ankalala adhyetadvaya last year, only eight districts of Nepal nine billion dollars worth of business was Yarsagumba.

Is Yarsagumba?

Yarsagumba called vernacular, Yarsa or yarsagunbu Tibetan language 'yarta w Gunma Boo "from being made corruption a word. Which means that, in summer, weeds, insect winter. However, no weeds, if not Yarsagumba. It is a kind of jhusilakira and it grows as a parasite plague of United.

Various species of insects as a group of scientists lepideptera four- codling moths (Moth) of the larval stage of a cockatrice jhusilakiralai underground extreme ophikordesipsa sinensis species farms do bijanuharule infection. After the larvae of the rust spores enter the body tyandrarupi mycelium spores (resarupi Fund) begins to spread in the body, the larvae transform into. The maiseliyamale larvae eat the body absorb it leads to an empty building, and the larvae of the body, stretching your body goes. Finally, after the larvae attack the larvae die head. And, dead larvae, head of the plague damthajasto (stock) stem, which is an average of two to four inches long, brown in color. The snow began to sprout in the spring collection of these people do tillers. Hoeing or part of the collection kirasahitako finger is removed from the ground. And, some time soft dried sarasaphaipascat sold it to the market. The collection of these farms, but the nature of the residue reaches an ovule think tillers (photo 1 views gray dots). The hundreds of bijanuharu vasirahancha soil conditions and healthy sleep ride against the larvae of the finds makes the new Yarsagumba. Butterfly pupae become adults through spores attack jhusilakiraharu drafts. Full back moth and its life cycle makes it even made us run. While rust spores to become the reason we need Yarsagumba said adult butterfly life cycle is also required to be smooth. According to scientists from two to 6 years takes time to become fully Yarsagumba.

In the south of the Himalayan Mountains series of Yarsagumba Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet Aug. only be found in the native herbs. Nepal is from North 27 yarsha found. However, Sankhuwasabha, Solukhumbu, Gorkha, Myagdi, Manang, Mustang, Dolpa, Jumla, Mugu, Bajhang and is collected in a large volume of Durchula. About 40 percent of the total amount collected in Nepal Dolpa district Yarsagumba comes only. The average height of three to five thousand meters where he sees four hundred millimeters of rain in mountainous climes or bushes grassy fields found in the area Yarsagumba.

expensive gold

A recent international market high quality Yarsagumba price is more expensive than gold. That is why it is also called biological gold. The average price of 70 million dollars in China, high quality Yarsagumba be pratikilosamma. Website vessels will trade ibema its price to $ 50 thousand US dollars to 50 million kg is placed. The 20 to 30 million dollars last year, the capital was pratikilosammama business. Worldwide, about 5 to 11 billion US dollars every year Yarsagumba business is expected.

China is the world's production of Yarsagumba 9 5 percent of the market is occupied by two to three percent of Nepal. That is why it is the leading producer and market in China is both. According to Wikipedia, in 2004 and 2013, China increased its market value by more than a thousand percent over the past 13 years, its market value is Nepal 2 thousand 8 hundred percent respectively.

China's growing economic unnatisamgai navadhanadhyaharubica Yarsagumba expensive French syampenajastai popular. They had Yarsagumba being "The status symbol '(prestige) is also not hesitate to take it as being expensive to pay the price. Yarsagumba large bribe government officials to use the work patyauna news are coming from Chinese newspapers. Nepal Foreign drainage Yarsagumba cinalagayata Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the United reaches. Chinese origin citizens living in the world, almost all city-distribution is sold Yarsagumba. Today, the Internet is also a great amount of its purchase-sale.

.These war

Yarsagumba market value and utility of more attractive, it is necessary to hard, the collection work. Steppe plains of numerous trash heap is trying to appear Yarsagumba khojnujattikai painful needle. An inch of empty space on the ground without sankalakaharule press conference gharsrandai seek Yarsagumba. Sometimes it is a day when the spotlight. As found in a remote and very cold place as the search for the spirit risked. So while some people collect Yarsagumba Lake silent, sick and, slipping on snow, landslide, or the loss of lives in Chicago. Last year alone, 17 people were killed in incidents related yarsasamga were lost. Yasapalicahim Darchula nine, Ridapata five, the score of three, Contaminated two, two and 21 Yarsagumba Mugu owed their lives has gone.

Social unrest and disorder

At yarsasamga related conflict is growing. Due to the village's natural resources brawl yarsakai-running conflict with the rights. June 22 066 Nar village in Manang to collect from Yarsagumba seven people were killed by the capuchin had the whole naravasi together. Yarsakai issue last year, a local, were killed by police in Dolpa YWOOD VDC. Photojournalist Yarsagumba small jhadapaharu are being dinahamu. Crime is too low to be heard in remote settlements and related yarsasamga theft, robbery, murder incident have begun to grow. Like: 6 million dollars last year, Dolpa saldanama Yarsagumba businessman was robbed of property worth 8 and 10 in June, this time the score was only one Everest Yarsagumba traders and aggregators Yarsagumba and plundered money.

Yarsakai not only because of the crime, social disorder is a condition of increased locales. Gambling, languraburjako skins and wines will be more business during the Yarsagumba collection. BS 068 during the investigation, as the score of 50 points marriage and languraburjama eight thousands of dollars playing the game by the writer himself had seen. Encouraging children as normal even when the Yarsagumba collection of reading at least two months, the school closed because of a remote village Yarsagumba reading is having a negative effect. Students at an early age to be a lot of money to be low as Yarsagumba sijanapachi Engendering their interaction with teachers during the process. Similarly BAJHANG darculalagayataka places to collect Yarsagumba as other predatory animals stolen events are also increasing.

Yarsagumba decreasing

On the one hand, and rose in price to increase Yarsagumba other hand is natural as it is at least beginning to pine. The source of livelihood is at risk should the aggregators and shock, have been puzzled. According to our survey in 2006, the average per capita pratisijana 2 hundred 67 Gotta Yarsagumba was set in 2010, the number has decreased to 1 hundred 25 Gotta be rich. This five-year look at the state's per capita collection pratisankalaka year at 32 gotale Yarsa is being collected. Tyasipachika year when incidents have begun to grow in the absence of empty return owed. This lobe is also different areas of Darchula less than years gone past Collectors said they had Yarsagumba. Collectors also went the same as in the past Yarsagumba Jajarkot, Dolpa, failed to meet Yarsagumba to collect a debt, pay as go to India for labor have been referring to.

Compilers may also decrease in per capita more through. However, the first place to collect more than the amount of the overall collection has become the least. But in short supply over the demand of merchants say. Excessive and disordered collection, compilation will be blamed, more Grazing, Yarsa need to reduce the pupil-jhusilakirako, increasing mobility of people and climate change due to local paristhitiya system and impact of land-use change has occurred can be set Yarsagumba. However, be sure to find out why it is important to expand the scientific research. Not only in Nepal, China and Bhutan also Yarsagumba collection begun to fall.

Poverty alleviation means?

Yarsagumba decrease in production is a direct negative impact on their livelihoods upon the inhabitants of hilly regions. Because of the relatively low economic production opportunities for the residents of this region has been a boon At Yarsagumba. This is according to a study of the people, 70 percent of the score panktikarasametale source of income was Yarsagumba the views. Only 11 per cent of his cash income source Yarsagumba a collection of the time. Economic activity has also boosted yarsale locally. Last year, the state started issuing Yarsagumba of 1 million 28 million dollars of revenue was collected.

Poverty geographic distribution, and if you look at the place of Yarsagumba mountainous districts, the poverty level compared to other district looks different indices, precious herbs found Yarsagumba. So if Yarsagumba sustainable poverty alleviation and economic uplift of the Himalayan region can be a great opportunity. In recent years, Yarsagumba income of local life but also in some intuitive overall poverty in the region has not decreased.

In fact, the collection of financial management, general knowledge Yarsagumba just say no and having been started. Get the money will be favored, but as easy Yarsagumba need to save financial institutions that lack of awareness and lack of access to income during compilation of many Yarsagumba have sakaune. The loss of income, house-hold on a man Yarsagumba only add, to teach children to expensive schools are successful. Most of paying expensive alcohol, gambling, and locals complain Long ago has been true.

In doing so, the blessings of Yarsagumba trade secrets as part of the local sankalakaharule the actual market price, much less are obtained. In some cases, the local aggregators who came out to sell out cheaply made examples. Get at least part of the benefit of real sankalakaharule do, that their economic situation has not been improved environment.

Natural extraction cost

Not only brought economic opportunities yarsale, exploitation of natural resources continues. The hundreds of very sensitive in terms of environmental sankalakaharule every year and goings of money from the high mountains with native vegetation, and what effect it might have been paristhikiya system? Plants found in the prairies are gone thicimdai padacapale man. The wood for cooking and camp sankalakale warm and booths make use manapardi haunting tree in the forest there are masimdai gone. Sankalakaharule will open toileting and they left in a plastic shell, a bottle bottle, is becoming an ugly money from lattakapadale are beautiful. There is a dirty thuprimdai she began. Overall, the people of excessive pressure due to climate change is already high risk of negative impact on mountainous areas of the plant and paristhikiya system can easily be estimated. And, the price may be high in the long term.

Sustainable management challenge

The collection will be a great environmental cost has been essential to the sustainable management of yarsha. Availability refers to the sustainable management of natural Yarsagumba sustainable, economically and socially poor owed much profit can be considered vikrtirahita situation. Yarsagumba lifecycle and the re-building are aware of the scientific complexity (the other two being, as jivajasto move jointly, transplants, it can not be palnejasta protection method) has been made of the conservation challenge. Yarsagumba Nepal is probably the most people to collect biological source. Protection is made more complex because of the number of lakhamaiko owed. It is also very small in size and habitat protection would be difficult because the place was difficult. By comparison, larger animals that are found in the natural place to protect the specific characteristics of such a hard time Yarsagumba state conservation or sustainable management is very difficult task. It is about lack of a clear method. Bhutan is considered a leading example of sustainable management of Yarsagumba yet. However, if it is not completed (hernus, Box: Bhutan Yarsagumba sustainable management).

Yarsagumba natural preserve and economically profitable way it can also be artificially produced. Artificial plants for the production of scientific research and efforts would continue, as found in nature Yarsagumba (larvae and rust jointly) if the artificial production has not been successful yet. Mushroom cultivation in Nepal, as in China, Japan and the United States, the disease has become part of an artificial product. The parts produced Yarsagumba disease is found in the market to buy. It is mixed with a variety of supplements and vitamins.

The challenge for the production of artificial Yarsagumba needed to produce a large number of larvae. A few months ago a company in Japan only part of the field, the mushroom silk larvae Yarsagumba started commercial production was reported. China has started production of a butterfly larva raising. However, the market has started to produce large quantities of its synthetic Yarsagumba current market demand and price may decrease, so that the inhabitants of hilly regions may undermine Yarsagumba dependent living. So great environmental cost of economic opportunity collected yarsale not to miss it. Yarsale local area of ​​poverty alleviation and raising living standards, opportunities for change that could be lost if environmental risk loosing all economic.

Is the government doing?

Herbs are more likely to be raised about the development of Nepal. Economic, social and environmental terms of the possibility of most herbs can be considered Yarsagumba. However, many potential to sustainable management of the government has done little to Yarsagumba not. The local people's awareness, support and research, yarsasamga related necessary policy-making rules and implement the program the government has not been able to do much. Britain last May to discuss the investigation and training BAJHANG ruphorda Foundation and DARCHULA arrive, local stakeholders yarsasambandhi said this training was the first time in the district. Not only Bajhang and Darchula, Dolpa course of the investigation, Manang, Mustang, Gorkha, DOLAKHA when the government revenue collection except Yarsagumba not found other work.

YWOOD last year, became the only topic Dolpa event with national and international government Yarsagumba collection, sales-distribution task force was organized. The task force had submitted the 31-page report, which vyavasthapanadekhi and laws to improve the collection, rajasvadarama review the research program are also included suggestions to begin. However, the task force submitted its report to a year to conclude the government has not been progress in the management of Yarsagumba. This is unfortunate.

(Astreliyakae University of Southern Queensland insticyuta for Agriculture and Research Fellow of the inbhayaronmentama vice cansalarsa Shrestha yarsasamvandhi a dozen scientific articles, many pertinent articles and 'major gaihrakastha forest products "are published in the book.)

Yarsagumba the 'Himalayan bhiyagra'

Hundreds of years of ancient Chinese therapy is currently being used Yarsagumba. About Yarsagumba for the first time in 1475 to write an illustrated description nyamni dorjile Ocean off ephrodijiekala kvalitija, Special work on a book that can be found in yarsagunbu. However, if in the world to discuss the highly 1 99 3 In Germany, the world began to be only pratiyogitapachi Field and Track. Three Chinese women players in the tournament 1 thousand 5 hundred, 3 thousand and 10 thousand meters race record of five world kept. Seven players Yarsagumba outstanding performance during the daily practice of the secret is that the coach revealed it had looked at the discussion and search around the world: Western media began to be. And it carcasamgai and prices soared.

According to traditional Chinese treatment method used in asthma, liver, heart and kidney diseases are. In Nepal, local as diarrhea, headaches, pain in the hands and used it for treatment. However, now it is the excessive use of sexual energy as a tonic. The reason it 'Himalayan libido' market that is selling.

It promotes sexual yarsale really? It is amajijnasa. Research scientists at Stanford University in the United States have a regular intake of the men Yarsagumba urine was shown to be more elements of that 17-ketastoroida. The ingredients in the male sex Hormones endrojinalagayataka production increases. A survey of 64 percent of regular Yarsagumba has said he had his sexual power. Seven of the last 30 to 40 years of age of the players Yarsagumba 'supplements' for three months when their sex hormones khubaera trial, testasterona had risen. The body of another cell research yarsale ATP energy production, is shown.

Yarsa kordisepinalagayata other nyukleosaida, kordisepika acids, amino acids, fatty acids asantrpta, karbohaiderata, polisakkaraida, vitamins, sugar, protein, sterol, melaninajasta chemical substances found. It is also found in some chemical elements useful for the treatment of cancer and tumors have been seen recently in the scientific research has confirmed.

This year the purview of the fairness of the week yartsa high Himalayan monastery to know to know to pick the dakhincha Hon. The first season started exerting haptabatai yartsa even more after the snow has forwarded some late season start in yartsa respectively .The roofing areas are usually shit. Cai pick up useful income for the district through the monastery yartsa made across the public and neighboring district Humla, Jumla, Bajura, Jajarkot, Dailekh, Bajura district Weekly days to Kamal managed to reach areas they Patan.
Patan to teachers in those schools, and even bias yartsa staff have work as starry as the risk. So when Kamal rimara roofing sector, takaya, small kaiki, large koiki, havagandanga opened, the inhabitants of the region Mugu and dolphu VDC has high-new episode of Paul tagera yartsa sankalakaharu bsobasa Mugu VDC secretary Rawal Capricorn.

Last year more than 15 thousand civilians were involved in the harvest this year yartsa mountainous areas snow still remained the number has decreased in the last few years of the verdict of the District Development Committee this year to Rs 7 per yartsa issuing district bhitrakolagi hundred and District bahirakolagi Rs 15 the work of the development Committee Jajarkot hundred revenue collection, according to the verdict. Since last year, picking yartsa risky work of half a dozen civilians were killed and lost the field of roofing police unnervingly so far been discovered, according to the verdict.
Yartsa season just opened its headquarters gamagadhi market of more than a million businesses in the merchant harimuna Bhandari said. Yartsa found in the roofing sector due to lack of border customs office byabasthita local and Chinese retail theft has become guilty yartsa evading revenue than expected yearly revenue office has nauthane karyalau Baban said the verdict. Kamal Patan area yearly sick, theft and conflict of some of this year because of the increased awareness of the event adopted the verdict, according to the District Administration Office.
Local sex, gastric medicine, as well as other high youth unemployment yarcagumba familiar with the name of various groups butiko 2 weeks if there are millions of rupees have to return home to carry the Patan area of ​​Mugu is made as employment to around sarvasadharanakalagi. District Administration Office, the verdict children younger than 14 to work out the risk yartsa like picking basically decided that the district would have more than 26 children roofing catchments area are employed to pick yartsa.
Jumla district from the neighboring districts will also women and children for yartsa tipnakai 1, 2 weeks to pick yartsa saying earnings will be active until 50 thousand to 2 million women say the pair. Recent Rs 5 hundred to eight hundred yartsa pratigota roofing sector has to be.

March 26, Kathmandu.
One ministry this year to those who yarcagumbu collection of cards is essential. Only someone who had taken the Ministry of Citizenship has started to prepare the identification NP.
Yarcagumbu collection area (Patan) and other areas in the crowd, while local residents fighting to control and plunder the Ministry has increased the mandatory identity card is going to.
According to the Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Forest Vishwanath Oli process will be carried out immediately. The districts of the Ministry of Forest and Park yartsa divide the Office identity.
15 days before the start of yartsa is associated with one office and the office park will be called to take identity cards. Ashar is yartsa since May. Dolpa, Mugu, Dolpa, Jumla, Bajhang, Darchula, Rukum, Myagdi, Mustang, mananalagayataka district takes yartsa raiser crowd. Dolpa yartsa excellent and expensive because it takes the most extraordinary press conference crowd. Last year, the score had reached 32 districts compiler. Kantipur News Today.

May 25, Mugu.
Yarcagumba harvest season began, Mugu, schools have been closed. Rampant Zell high Patan area roadways to pick up students and teachers are going on drying yarsagumbu most schools are closed. Yarsagumba found in the surrounding magma, pulu, Mugu, dolphu, kimri including a VDC are completely closed.
The main source of income as well as educational materials found in the yartsa picked up a copy of a pen between jutaunuparne compulsion to be closed for a month for school. Yarsagumba picked up a short time due to earn more money than mugaka Jumla, Humla, Kalikot, Bajura, Dailekh, Surkhet, Jajarkot, Dolakha, Surkhet district, including incidents, including the student has reached roofing.
Patan area was small and large Yarsagumba Yarsagumba pratigota 5 hundred thousand per piece 1 after the purchase of shoes and local attractions is growing. Mugu about four quintals of annual production by Yarsagumba.

Found in cooler regions of the northern yarcagumba would die to August has been.
Makalu base camp of Makalu Barun National Park and especially yarcagumba illegal and weapons found in the collection this year, 9 percent more than 0 yarcagumba horse park said.
Gata year more than 165 pounds, yarcagumba collected at this time due to the yartsa collector pruning kodalojasta domestic weapons used this year to 10 kg of paddy yartsa yartsa Gyalje Sherpa said collector.
When pruning chores, such as collecting yartsa hoe weeds, should the use of weapons, the pit should be, larvae and eggs die when yartsa yartsa next year is allowed to park durgakirana Rai said.
This time, Makalu Barun National Park and Makalu base camp mountain areas as a small town yartsa sankalakaharu plentiful, but this year they lived in tents two / four is also not yartsa collector.
Not only the previous year, higher area was found in the lower areas of yarcagumba. A 500 m above sea level tamaphoka sector, Media, Syabun, mamlina VDC hemlock, bukiphula, sticks, cardamom and alder yartsa turn was found.
This year, the region has not been found yarcagumba. The lower the quality of the area, yarcagumba as high as the value of the area, not yartsa. This year, taxes will rise yarcagumba napaiepachi district has decreased.
Last year, the district forest office has 65 kg and 100 kg yartsa Makalu Barun National Park and was allowed to export, but this year is no more 10 kg. 3 thousand to Rs 9 per kg yarcagumbako is taken.

May 17, 2074 Myagdi yarcagumba collection of mountainous areas has decreased. District 26 kg yarcagumba production capacity is decreasing despite the collection. May 15 until May 2 point 5 kg businessman yarcagumbu billing collection has taken the office said. Yartsa sustaekale collection business has been decreasing Assistant Forest Officer Prince Thakur said. In the fiscal year 2071/072 the export of 18 kg yarcagumbuko seen two years fell 2 kg. Revenue collection is also affected by the lack of yarcagumba lease. Local yartsa yield income rises became upset our colleague said.
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