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2008: Dhatrumurgasiniy herb was researched in private laboratory.

2009: Researchers discovered breakthrough in bones lengthening.

2010: Human test conducted privately in selected countries like China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, UK.

2011: Jan 3-24/2011, Concept about Ayurvedic Urea brand name was generated.

2011: July 23-2011, AyurvedicUrea.com was registered as the official website of Ayurvedic Urea.

Proof of Registration:

ayurvedic urea research about us

(Ayurvedic Urea Research)
Ayurvedic Urea Research is a privately funded and world's most secret project. We are backed up by several angel investors and our research is vital to human genomes. Due to Government restriction and privacy issue/secrecy we aren't able to submit our lab research papers to public.

About our business
We are a registered company headed by Mr Batbayar Altantsetseg who serves as a chairman in our company and Mrs Sharon Stone who serves as a director. We are operating under different name (privacy maintained). We are physically located in Ulaanbaatar-MONGOLIA and due to the nature of product we operate in a private environment. We have warehouses in Beijing-China, Munich-Germany, San Francisco-USA and Erdenet-Mongolia.

Key Company Stats
Our Office Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
No. of Employees as of 09/22/2019:- 35
Our Products: Ayurvedic Urea Herb, Ayurvedic Urea Liquid, Ayurvedic Urea Powder and Ayurvedic Urea Injection which is only provided to our partnered hospitals in China.

What we do?
We research about human genome and impact of Ayurvedic Urea in different human cellular levels. Additionally, as a compliment we sell Ayurvedic Urea to needy customers.

Our major business markets are:
China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mongolia.

Our Top Clients are:
1. Zhongshan Hospital (China) (No commercial sales/Only bones disorder treatment/Full secrecy and very Private)
2. Ruijin Hospital (China) (No commercial sales/Only bones disorder treatment/Full secrecy and very Private)