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The Secret is Here!

How to grow taller quickly and legitimately up to 8 inches? How to increase height effectively without any side effects? How to enhance height dramatically and improve your confidence level? The answer to these questions is Ayurvedic Urea.

Price starting at USD $10000

"Humans made to the Moon, Mars and you are saying we can't even find something to help ourselves growing vertical. Which age do you live in? You ask me and I will say you there is also a secret to Anti Aging and ageless world but there are some corporate level founders of those niche who don't want to reveal the secret to public. Also, Governments mostly the US kicks in always cover up. A dramatic breakthrough and discovery in natural bones enlargement with the help of anonymous bacteria happened back in 2009, yet it's still a private discovery because the originating country government and it's foreign supporter is wildly conservative! To some extent and from traditional point of view it looks cool, isn't it? I mean imagine everyone on Earth becoming taller and there are no short people's left to play pokemon. Imagine everyone becoming younger and there are no old people's to dwell around who are fond of celebrating christmas and thanksgiving. Ayurvedic Urea is a real breakthrough and a vital discovery in the field of human bones growth and height gain but if you know what I mean?"
- Sharon Stone (Director of Ayurvedic Urea Research)


Ayurvedic Urea is world's first legitimate height increasing and grow taller medicine which works guaranteed without any side effects on anyone who falls under 13-45 age group including transgender but is to some extent restricted to HIV victims and/or dwarfs. If you want to know the reason as to why it's not recommended for HIV infected victim and dwarf please contact us. Ayurvedic Urea is considered highly rare/exotic product because the only ingredient found in this medicine is Earth's rarest herb known as Dhatrumurgasiniy and as a result of this we can only produce 100-150 packages of Ayurvedic Urea in a year. Ayurvedic Urea is made available in Herb, Liquid and Powder only and is really expensive.

#FACTS - Original Ayurvedic Urea does its job as promised, it works guaranteed and up to 8 inches height gain is easily possible. If it does not work on you these could be the only potential reasons:-

1) You are not telling the truth or lying.
2) You consumed duplicate product.
Note:- We strictly don't recommend this medicine to someone who is under 13 or above 45, HIV infected victim and Dwarf but that doesn't mean they won't grow taller by consuming this medicine.


So, how does Ayurvedic Urea work? You might be wondering and the answer is here. Ayurvedic Urea works by splitting cells in human bones and/or creation of new cells in bones. Exclusively targeted areas are:- legs(5 inches max), spinal cord(3 inches max) and neck(1 inch max)! Ayurvedic Urea products(Powder/Liquid/Herb) consist of a special bacteria which helps in splitting/creating "bones-cells" rapidly! This bacteria is found only in Dhatrumurgasiniy and alters the following.
1. Compact Tissue
2. Cancellous Tissue
3. Subchondral Tissue
4. Osteoblast(Highly tortured)
5. Osteoclast
6. Osteocyte
7. Hematopoietic

Beware of several non-working fake/duplicate pills or fatal Ayurvedic Urea products available in the market. Always verify UIC and SERIAL NO! There are plenty of scammers available over the internet whose job is to rip innocent customers badly. These fraudsters create multiple sales page on various websites like kijiji, craiglist, pharmacy sites, classified sites, ebay and many more and lure buyers into buying their fake product. Beware of newly registered websites posing themselves as official site or official vendor or official authorized sellers. Please keep in mind:- Only original Ayurvedic Urea developed by Ayurvedic Urea Research( works, Don't invest your hard earned money in fake pills which definitely won't work! For more information scroll down!!!



Ayurvedic Urea Price List
##Ayurvedic Urea(HERB) Price-List 3-7 inches = US $10000 only i.e 10k (in USD) previous price US $6999 i.e 7k increased by 42.85%

##Ayurvedic Urea(Powder) Price-List 4 inches = US $20000 i.e 20k (in USD) previous price US $70000 i.e 70k decreased by 250% 6 inches = US $25000 i.e 25k (in USD) previous price US $86500 i.e 86.5k decreased by 246% 8 inches = US $30000 i.e 30k (in USD) previous price US $110000 i.e 110k decreased by 266.66%

##Ayurvedic Urea(Liquid) Price-List 4 inches = US $20000 i.e 20k (in USD) previous price US $43000 i.e 43k decreased by 114.99% 6 inches = US $25000 i.e 25k (in USD) previous price US $69000 i.e 69k decreased by 176% 8 inches = US $30000 i.e 30k (in USD) previous price US $105000 i.e 105k decreased by 250%

##Ayurvedic Urea(1" sample) Price-List 1 inch = US $10000 i.e 10k (in USD) Note:- Sample is always powder!


The Ayurvedic Urea Dosage And Use (How To Guide)
Updated on Friday Oct 21 2016 at 7:27:48 AM EST

Raw Data (Actual Data may differ)

For 8 inches Powder - Dosage
Eat 203.703 grams morning
Eat 203.703 grams afternoon
Eat 203.703 grams night
Total = 611.11 grams per day for 3 months.
Total = 55 Kilo Grams

For 6 inches Powder - Dosage
Eat 93.33 grams morning
Eat 93.33 grams afternoon
Eat 93.33 grams night
Total = 280 grams per day for 5 months.
Total = 42 Kilo Grams

For 4 inches Powder - Dosage
Eat 46.29 grams morning
Eat 46.29 grams afternoon
Eat 46.29 grams night
Total = 138.88 grams per day for 6 months.
Total = 25 Kilo Grams
Avoid alcohol during the powder intake...


Raw Data (Actual Data may differ)
8 inches = 50 liters approx. for 8-9 months
6 inches = 36 liters approx. for 8-9 months
4 inches = 24 liters approx. for 8-9 months

For 8 inches Liquid - Dosage
Drink 4 table spoon liquid morning
Drink 4 table spoon liquid afternoon
Drink 4 table spoon liquid night before sleep--Total 12 table spoon liquid per day
Total = 50 liters per 4 t.spoon x 3 times per day for 8-9 months. Hereby calculated for 9 months.

For 6 inches Liquid - Dosage
Drink 3 table spoon liquid morning
Drink 3 table spoon liquid afternoon
Drink 3 table spoon liquid night before sleep-Total 9 table spoon liquid per day
Total = 36 liters per 3 t.spoon x 3 times per day for 8-9 months. Hereby calculated for 9 months.

For 4 inches Liquid - Dosage
Drink 2 table spoon liquid morning
Drink 2 table spoon liquid afternoon
Drink 2 table spoon liquid night before sleep-Total 6 table spoon liquid per day
Total = 24 liters per 2 t.spoon x 3 times per day for 8-9 months.-Hereby calculated for 9 months.
Avoid alcohol during the liquid intake...


Raw Data (Actual Data may differ)
For Herb 'dosage and usage' Please scroll down:

After buying the herb, here are some of the complicated steps to follow…
1. >>> Place this herb in a large pot filled with 10 liters of water.
2. >>> Boil it for at least 1-3 hours until the water level falls to 4-5 liters. (Make sure not less than 4 liters)
3. >>> Let it cool down.
4. >>> Store it in a freezer for 9-10 months without removing the herb from the pot. (Minimum wait 8 months, for more effectiveness 9-10 months is perfect)
5. >>> Ayurvedic Urea herb is now ready to consume and for the next 4 months you have to take this liquid on a daily basis.
6. >>> Have this liquid 1-tablespoon morning after waking up and 1 spoon before going to bed at night.
7. >>> 3-7 inches growth is guaranteed.**
**NOTE:- You can grow anywhere in between 3" to 7" by consuming this herb in full but please keep in mind the guarantee policy for the herb holds only "at least 3 inches". In other words, you are highly assured that you will grow at least 3 inches with the herb and that's our guarantee. The inches above 3 and up to 7 does not fall in the guarantee policy. However, with Ayurvedic Urea powder & liquid purchase you are given 100% guarantee for particular package inches growth! Still confused? Contact us!

Questions asked by our client:-

**If I order two ayurvedic urea herb what is the minimum and maximum inches I will get tall?
Ans ---- According to our Research Statistics conducted on 19 individuals age group 15-35 male/female - Max Growth 7 inches, Min Growth 3 inches

**And is there any expiration? for example if i've done freezing the 2 herb for 10months so I will take them for the next 8 months right?thank you
Ans ---- Once you freeze the herb for 10 months its good to go for at least 5 years, in other words expiration date is set to be 5 years from the time the herb is ready to consume.
Avoid alcohol during the Herb intake...


Raw Data (Actual Data may differ)
Note:- 1 inch sample is always powder!
Eat 203 grams approx. (morning)
Eat 203 grams approx. (afternoon)
Eat 203 grams approx. (night)
Total = 609 grams approx. per day for 14 days only.
Total = 8.5 Kilo Grams-Avoid alcohol during the sample intake...


Attention:- Some of our buyers have reported that somnolence can't be tolerated and they took some medicines/pills to eradicate the somnolence impact welcoming Insomnia. Please, Its a warning never attempt to do that, if you do that you are harming your body yourself. If you are genuinely serious about growing taller the 3-5 months of somnolence must be welcomed in your life during the medicine intake! Do not attempt to take sleep removing/avoiding pills or tablets. Let the somnolence occur to its max and sleep whole day and night!
In details below-
-Starting from day 1 of the Ayurvedic Urea intake you will notice extreme laziness and drowsiness which literally means that this medicine has already started its work inside your body. Lets not misunderstand this with side-effects, its the way how Ayurvedic Urea works inside human body resulting in somnolence. The day you notice more/maximum extreme laziness and drowsiness make sure yourself that this is the peak day of your max increase in length of bones. This day you will achieve the max increase in length of bones, you may check your height the next day to understand the difference.
Somnolence and Laziness can be taken as tiny effect but not the side-effect because it actually doesn't harm the human body. Its a minor! Also, Somnolence/Laziness can be taken as a solid proof to know that the Ayurvedic Urea is working inside your body to its fullest!



The only way to buy original Ayurvedic Urea is through us by clicking here or through sellers authorized by us. Caution:- If you met someone online or offline who claims to sell Ayurvedic Urea please be advised that 99.9% of the time they are professional Ayurvedic-Urea scammers. Also, be wary of websites other than us that promotes Ayurvedic Urea. Beware, protect your hard earned money and stay safe!


Please follow the link below to buy



Dear Buyers, Please take extra precaution online. If you found some unknown sellers/suppliers who claim to sell Ayurvedic Urea products always ask them UIC and SERIAL NO. of the package and verify those numbers by sending email to us at
Note-- If you purchased Ayurvedic Urea products from us please check your package for UIC and SERIAL NO + RDS LABEL NO.

Note-- Very often we find ourselves in a situation where buyers are asking UIC/SERIAL NO. to us for verification. Regarding this---> Please don't get confused! There is no need of asking UIC or Serial number to us i.e the official website team because we are the real inventor/producer of Ayurvedic Urea but in case you are buying from other unknown sellers strictly verify the uic and serial no. by sending email to us at

Question -- What is UIC and SERIAL NO.?
Answer -- UIC = Unique identification code, The UIC is 8 digits code
and Serial No. is of 10 digits. Every Ayurvedic Urea package
herb/liquid/powder is labelled with UIC and SERIAL NO.

Question-- Why to verify UIC and SERIAL NO.?
Answer -- To prevent yourself from scam/fraud, duplicate/fake Ayurvedic Urea products and to check whether a seller/supplier is legitimate or scammer and if they hold original stock in possession or just bluffing around.

Question -- How does the verification process work?
Answer -- The UIC/SERIAL NO. verification is a very straightforward simple process. All you need to do is email us UIC/SERIAL NO. at Once we receive your email we will come up with a full report of the package details(like whether its fake or a duplicate product or original product, date of creation, package type i.e if it is a Herb or Powder or Liquid, package inches 4/6/8 inches, expiration, opinion about seller etc)


Information about Dhatrumurgasiniy!

(Rarest Herb)

SCAM ALERT:- Educate yourself before it's too late! Ayurvedic Urea/Dhatrumurgasiniy is a very high dollar product/rare product and we guess this is the main reason why there are so many professional scammers online or offline whose main job is to rip off innocent buyers badly. One fake sale guarantees a scammer thousands of dollars. Educate yourself now. Don't be a victim of scam. Don't fall in con artists well scripted trick after all pro scammers are greatest actors of all times.
WARNING:- There are plenty of herbs/plants found in South Asian jungles which look very very similar to this rarest herb(Dhatrumurgasiniy) but most of them which highly resemble Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs are extremely poisonous and are considered fake herbs which won't work at all and is of high risk to human health. Don't try to identify herbs by tasting them. Because of this similarity found, It's very easy to fake this herb by scammers. Beware of fake Ayurvedic Urea/Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs. Always verify UIC and SERIAL NUMBERS! so that you can be sure you are buying original Ayurvedic Urea herbs and not fake or poisonous stuffs from fraudsters.
"Ayurvedic Urea" is a grow taller and height increasing medicine which is available in powder, liquid and herb. Ayurvedic Urea research is a multi million dollar project. Dhatrumurgasiniy is one and only ingredient found in this exquisite grow taller medicine named as Ayurvedic Urea. Nobody on Earth except the official website team are allowed to enter the area in the himalayan ranges in Nepal where Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs are found. The whole area is protected and is secured with exclusive military forces as per the agreement with Nepalese government. Also, as per the terms with Nepalese government the official website team aren't allowed to transfer the herbs to US or other countries for cultivation which makes it most rare and expensive medicine. The whole research is private and full secrecy is maintained both by the official website and Nepalese Government. is the sole license holder of Dhatrumurgasiniy in those himalayan areas because we were the first to discover this new rare herb and nobody except Ayurvedic Urea Official team can get their hands on this ingredient/herb, not even the Nepal Government as per the law included in the agreement with the Nepalese Government. We have purchased several acres of land in that area in order to protect this rare herb from extinction and other unseen circumstances such as natural calamities or natural disasters.
Dhatrumurgasiniy c/o The Ayurvedic Urea Official

Contact us for more info!

RESEARCHER SETS NEW AGE THRESHOLD Team) sets new age threshold for height treatment.

QUICK SUMMARY :- Now, anyone over 35-45 can increase their height too by using Ayurvedic Urea but with certain limitations....
What has changed?
1) Recommended age group

2) Guarantee policy

Previously recommended age group - 13-35

New recommended age threshold - 13-45

Note - The guarantee for anyone over 35-36-37 and up to 45 is reduced by 2 inches for 4 inches liquid/powder package, 3 inches for 6 inches liquid/powder package and 4 inches for 8 inches liquid/powder package. For example --- If you are 36 or 38 or 42 or 45 and if you buy the 8 inches liquid/powder package we can guarantee you only 4 inches and so on for other packages(4 or 6).

Note - Anyone falling in between 13-35,, everything remains the same and nothing has changed for powder/liquid , the above rule does not apply!

Note - Ayurvedic Urea "HERB" is strongly recommended only for peoples who are in between 13-35. For example --- If you are 36 and purchased the herb no guarantee is given but if you lie in between 13-35 we can guarantee you 3-7 inches of height gain!


The pictures you are seeing below is of fake Ayurvedic Urea. We never created Ayurvedic Urea in pill version. Such bottle, such labels doesn't exist in our system. This shows how smart and dedicated scammers are! Beware!!! Don't throw your money in such Scams!!! Please keep in mind: Ayurvedic Urea is made available by us in Herb, Liquid and Powder version only and is strictly licensed to us i.e Ayurvedic Urea Research company. Nobody in this world hold the original stock except us, so the chance of buying Ayurvedic Urea from online sellers/online websites is slim to none. In case you approach these fraudulent websites, You will only encounter dedicated scammers who are either supplying fake pills or Glucose powder!!! Stay Safe!!!


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