Ayurvedic Urea phone scam buyers and sellers

Fraud Alert - Ayurvedic Urea Phone Scam

ayurvedic urea scam fake sellers scammers

"New way to scam, buyers and sellers beware!
This scam is working perfectly, stay safe!"

"These days different scam sellers are calling random buyers from different telephone numbers and targeting them for fake/duplicate Ayurvedic Urea sale and lowball offers. Also different scam buyers are calling legit authorized sellers and asking them UIC and SERIAL just to steal those confidential codes with no intention of buying whatsoever!"

New rules to be followed by all authorized sellers!
**R1 Rules regarding Ayurvedic-Urea-Phone-Scam:-

1) Seller's phone number request:- If a buyer request phone number, Authorized sellers should only provide their phone number to buyers after they have made a purchase by paying money in full or partial payment(if authorized sellers accept payments in such term).

2) ID check:- Authorized sellers must ask buyers their proper identity and verify it's legitimacy after payment is completed by buyers in order to proceed towards the step of providing phone numbers via email. ID check should only be done by a seller if a buyer has completed the payment and has requested a phone number for voice communication!

New rules to be followed by all buyers!
**R2 Rules regarding Ayurvedic-Urea-Phone-Scam:-

1) Legitimate buyers should always buy from authorized sellers and understand the online communication/sales support which is handled via email only.

2) Real buyers must understand our phone-scam terms i.e **R1 and therefore must adhere to it.

3) Real buyers shouldn't provide their phone numbers to anonymous sellers and authorized sellers in advance but are allowed after payment is completed and the final step remaining is shipping of the product to buyer's address.

Please abide by these terms in order to remain safe and protect yourself from scam sellers and scam buyers!

Best Regards,
Issued in public interest by,
The Ayurvedic Urea Official