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SCAM ALERT:- Educate yourself before it's too late!
Ayurvedic Urea/Dhatrumurgasiniy is a very high dollar product/rare product and we guess this is the main reason why there are so many professional scammers online or offline whose main job is to rip off innocent buyers badly. One fake sale guarantees a scammer thousands of dollars. Educate yourself now. Don't be a victim of scam. Don't fall in con artists well scripted trick after all pro scammers are greatest actors of all times. 

Warning:- There are plenty of herbs/plants found in South Asian jungles which look very very similar to this rarest herb(Dhatrumurgasiniy) but most of them which highly resemble Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs are extremely poisonous and are considered fake herbs which won't work at all and is of high risk to human health. Don't try to identify herbs by tasting them. Because of this similarity found, It's very easy to fake this herb by scammers. Beware of fake Ayurvedic Urea/Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs. Always verify UIC and SERIAL NUMBERS! so that you can be sure you are buying original Ayurvedic Urea herbs and not fake or poisonous stuffs from fraudsters. 

"Ayurvedic Urea" is a grow taller and height increasing medicine which is available in powder, liquid and herb. Ayurvedic Urea research is a multi million dollar project. Dhatrumurgasiniy is one and only ingredient found in this exquisite grow taller medicine named as Ayurvedic Urea. Nobody on Earth except the official website team are allowed to enter the area in the himalayan ranges in Nepal where Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs are found. The whole area is protected and is secured with exclusive military forces as per the agreement with Nepalese government. Also, as per the terms with Nepalese government the official website team aren't allowed to transfer the herbs to US or other countries for cultivation which makes it most rare and expensive medicine. The whole research is private and full secrecy is maintained both by the official website and Nepalese Government.
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AyurvedicUrea.com is the sole license holder of Dhatrumurgasiniy in those himalayan areas because we were the first to discover this new rare herb and nobody except Ayurvedic Urea Official team can get their hands on this ingredient/herb, not even the Nepal Government as per the law included in the agreement with the Nepalese Government. We have purchased several acres of land in that area in order to protect this rare herb from extinction and other unseen circumstances such as natural calamities or natural disasters.

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