Ayurvedic Urea Refund Policy - Money back Terms

Money back or Refund policy:

refund policy money back ayurvedic urea terms
*On the assumption that you bought Ayurvedic Urea from legitimate authorized resellers(who operate their own business and not other third parties or Anonymous sellers), please ask them about their own refund policy! Most of the resellers offer 100% money back. It is always a good idea to ask them regarding the present refund policy before ordering the product. So, if you wish to buy from a particular authorized reseller, please ask the reseller regarding the refund policy and money back terms. Authorized resellers are the only entity who could refund your money. Please be advised that Authorized resellers are separate business and fully detached from our institution. They have their own terms and conditions set for sales. Before buying from our authorized resellers, please ask them the following questions:-

1. Do you offer full money back or refund?
2. What are the policies related to refund?
3. How long should I have to wait for a refund?
4. What is the time limit to file a refund?
5. How soon can I file a refund after receiving the product?
6. What are the policies regarding 'returning the package'?

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