How to use Ayurvedic Urea

Dear Buyers,

You must make sure you are free from HIV before using Ayurvedic Urea to grow taller successfully. Additionally make sure you avoid alcohol completely during the medicine intake. Here are some of the things to remember before using the product:

a) Avoid alcohol at any cost.
b) Make sure you are not infected with HIV.
c) The recommended age group is 13-45. So, please make yourself aware of the fact that ayurvedic urea works best if you are in between the recommended age group and that is 13-45.

Using ayurvedic urea is not that hard. You must follow the instruction manual that comes along with the package. This medicine comes in Herb, liquid and powder version and works best if you are healthy. You can mix the powder with water or milk or other juice and drink it. The liquid version is easier one to drink because it is just a liquid form of Ayurvedic Urea. The Herb version is a little bit complicated to process but once you get the edge it's easier to follow the daily dose pattern. Adding nutritious diet to your daily ayurvedic urea dose is also recommended. For example you could add chicken, cheese, proteins and calcium to your urea dose to make the medicine more effective. The excessive healthy nutritious diet you eat during the intake, the more you will gain additional inch of height.

Check out the daily dose below:

If you are still confused, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Ayurvedic Urea Official