Ayurvedic Urea side effects - Original


What are some of the side effect caused by original Ayurvedic Urea medicine? We are listing some of the side effects recorded on our file here:

1. Somnolence: Once this stuff hit you, expect to go to bed early. It's a strong desire to go to sleep as soon as possible.

2. Headache: Expect tiny headache to medium to strong. Based on person to person case, varies between individuals.

3. Drowsiness: Another good side effect of ayurvedic urea. Drowsiness is similar to somnolence. Its a feeling of being sleepy.

4: Laziness: Expect this to happen to you as well.

5. Withdrawal from work: Once somnolence hits you hard, this might occur. If you are working or hold a job, you might get a high feeling of quitting the job.

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