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Dose- Dosage/Usage Guide:

How do you take Ayurvedic Urea medicine? The answer is here: Ayurvedic Urea is extremely healthy and working grow taller medicine. It works 100% guaranteed and is used by thousands. How do you use it? What are the instructions? Please do not panic. Here is the guide: Ayurvedic Urea dose guide - Dosage and Usage instruction:

how much ayurvedic urea to take dosage usage guide dose online

So the thing is you need to take kilograms or liters of original Ayurvedic Urea to grow taller legitimately.

1 inch sample package: 8.5 kgs(kilograms) for 14 days non stop.

4 inches powder package: 25 kgs(kilograms) for 6 months non stop.
6 inches powder package: 42 kgs(kilograms) for 5 months non stop.
8 inches powder package: 55 kgs(kilograms) for 3 months non stop.

4 inches liquid package: 24 liters for 9 months max non stop.
6 inches liquid package: 36 liters for 9 months max non stop.
8 inches liquid package: 50 liters for 9 months max non stop.

3-7 inches herb package: For Herb package follow this link!

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