Ayurvedic Urea Pills

What is Ayurvedic Urea Pills?
Answer: Ayurvedic Urea Pills is a scam product created by scammers or rogue sellers. Ayurvedic Urea in pill version is also considered to be duplicate version of original Ayurvedic Urea.

duplicate ayurvedic urea

What are the ingredients found in fake Ayurvedic Urea or Ayurvedic Urea pills?
Answer: Scammers made sure they could trick you perfectly and they were highly successful in it. They created a fake product and deceived several buyers from various countries earth wide. According to our experts estimate: The pills version of fake Ayurvedic Urea consist of the following ingredients:
a) Calcium and minerals or
b) Ingredients found in other scam grow taller products.

Duplicate ayurvedic urea bottle
(Fake Ayurvedic Urea Pills)

what does fake ayurvedic urea look like
(Fake Ayurvedic Urea Pills)

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