Original Ayurvedic Urea or Fake/Duplicate Guide

Original or Fake guide:
How do you know if a package you bought is original Ayurvedic Urea or fake version of urea? Fake urea is also considered to be duplicate version of original Ayurvedic Urea. There are many rogue sellers and suppliers who claim to have original in stock but in reality they supply fake/duplicate ayurvedic urea. What's the reality of Original and fake urea? We provide you insight into the world of original Ayurvedic Urea and fake urea.

Original Ayurvedic urea:
1. Ayurvedic urea also known as Dhatrumurgasiniy herb was discovered by us in the year 2008 and we gave this product a brand name in the year 2011.
2. We started selling original Ayurvedic urea officially from the year 2014.
3. All sales via the internet.

Fake/Duplicate Ayurvedic urea:
1. Original Ayurvedic Urea comes with a valid UIC and SERIAL NO. So, if a urea comes without valid uic and serial numbers it is considered to be fake Ayurvedic urea.
2. Anyone selling Ayurvedic Urea without providing a valid UIC and serial number is considered to be a scam artist or scammer.
3. UIC and SERIAL NO. must be verified with the official website in order to make sure you are buying original Ayurvedic urea manufactured by the founder of original Ayurvedic Urea(i.e Ayurvedic Urea Research team AyurvedicUrea.com)

4. Ayurvedic Urea in pills version is a perfect example of duplicate/fake product.

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