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1) If you are looking for a real and legitimate way to grow taller without getting burned and scam free try this original ayurvedic urea manufactured by these people's it is definitely a biggest scientific breakthrough which is proven by my growth, In a very short period of 4 months I have achieved a good height of 10 centimeters and I am delighted to share this review and I hope it would help other fellow buyers. Don't try pills though they are scam. - Zhang Wu (China)

2) Buying ayurvedic urea from this reseller is a pain in the a**. I want to advice all buyers to stay away from this seller and don't buy if you can't wait longer, by longer I mean 1-3 years. So what happened? I bought a 6 inch powder from this seller Melina 3 months ago in 2013, the big mistake I commit was that I paid all money upfront i.e full payment for the 6 inch powder. She hunged me up for 3 years straight and the only reason she provided to me was that they were out of stock and no stock to fulfill my order. So, all I could do was wait and wait for damn f****** 3 years. It was just last April she delivered the product to my home. i was so f****** shocked and surprised to see a package coming to my home after f***** 3 f***** years. I am telling you if you want to buy from here pleas think thrice. Does it really work?
The 3 years patience and pain, mental illness and f***** wait worth it. To my surprise, It really worked. I was 21 when I ordered it in 2013, today I am 24 in 2016, started using the ayurvedic urea in April 2016 as of today in october 16 2016 i have grown 15 centimeters. That is a huge growth as if like a big growth spurt happened... f***** pleased.... - Mateo Rodriguez (Mexico)

3) Achieved my biggest dream at the age of 28 it really worked. - James Kao (USA)

4) Hi my name is Sandy Rogers from United Kingdom. I tried your sample package and have already grown 1" . I have also reserved another package and desperately waiting for you to have it in stock and grow taller. Fast delivery of sample 1" package to UK, good seller, recommended to all :) - Sandy Rogers (UK)

5) M so lazy to type from my ipad do you remember me i am alex and i am the one who was the 1st to try your herb. Herb made me taller by 4 inches. Your product is true@@ - Alex Lee (Singapore)

6) Sangeeta pradhan, australia 29 years old female here, My testimonial starts now- ayurvedic urea is truly legitimate medicine to increase our height I mean if it can work on someone whose growth plates died years ago then it is truly a revolutionary breakthrough miracle medicine. I dont want to comment on how much I grew but I have grown taking the liquid version of 6 inch and i am satisfied. Money wasnt wasted. I am happy afterall. - Sangeeta Pradhan (Australia)

7) Ayurvedic urea is an fantastic product which broke our doctor forecasting. Our doctor was saying ayurvedic urea is a scam and may not work but looks like he was just throwing some words about a product which he himself wasn't aware about. Last time we met the doctor he was shocked. From there he now recommends ayurvedic urea to all patients. I bought the 6" package for my son who was 17 years old at that time 2 years ago and he didn't used all the powder but I am satisfied with the overall results this product provided. My son grew 4 inches with the powder and the remaining we sold to another friend because my son was ok withe the 4 inches gain. I will recommend this product to every short people on this planet. Save your money and buy this You would not regret it ^^ - Robert Gomez (USA)

8) In order to save money and looking for cheaper pills I tried ayurvedic urea "pills" for 3 months from a seller whom I met over the internet and I did not grow at all it was a scam. Later I switched to the original ayurvedic urea from this company and it worked. I am a 22 year old female from Burbank California. ayurvedic urea promises permanent growth of 8-9 inches to your maximum adult height as claimed by the official website. I bought original ayurvedic urea from this company reseller 1 year ago but kept it frozen unused as I had some illness at that period which forced me to not use the product at that time, and just 2 weeks ago I have started to use the liquid and it is working so far. I have gained 2 inches growth in 15 days and according to the guide I still have 5 months left so basically I believe I would grow up to 6-7 inches for sure. Finally after years of search this product met my expectations and I have fulfilled my dream of growing taller legitimately. To all other buyers please do your research before buying as there are hundreds of scammers who are supplying fake pills which doesn't work. if you want to grow taller without getting burned buy from this company resellers as they are the original authorized suppliers of this ayurvedic urea. The delivery time was fair as product arrived from within the US and I am from the US, took a little longer than usual (45 days to arrive) but at least it arrived which conforms this company reseller is legit and so is their product. my feedback to the official website is to lower your prices so that those who are in real need could afford your product. -Natalia Murray (USA)

OMG 3 inch in 25 days with the 6 inch powder and then 7 inch in 60 days and then stopped growing completely it was like a roller coaster ride!!!!!!!!! Just one complaint your shipping sucks and delivery was too late!!!!!!!!!!!! - Gary Olson (UK)

10) This really work 15 cm grown already I used the 4 inch liquid fast delivery and good customer support within 3 days :p - Matthew Briones (Philippines)

11) Spending $20000 and still fake these guys would end up in jail. it works. i used 1 inch sample recently and have grown 2 inches. I added 1 litre milk everyday with ayurvedic urea... the best legit product developed by them salute them.- Phang (USA)

12) On the positive side, it did not took more than 3 weeks to see results. I admit this is world's greatest invention in bones length increment and height gain.. Kudos to you for developing this supplement. On the negative side, I was waiting and waiting for receiving email replies plus shipping was taking so long. I thought it lost somewhere in transit to my country. After seeing all negative review about shipping I am glad it arrived to me safely and without any damages. I think I am lucky it didn't ended up in customs.
My rating for the product 5 stars out of 5.
My rating for shipping by the official reseller 2 stars out of 5. - ALBERTINA ARMBRÜSTER (Germany)

13) Good to see everyone is growing taller using the original au. I personally used the 4 inch liquid with extra exercises like hanging and swimming which helped me in adding 5 inches height in 6 months time period. From my experience it would take 1-5 weeks to see up to 1-2 inch height gain which I believe is acceptable growth after paying thousands of dollars. I think the somnolence is all in your head. If you are a busy person and do jobs everyday I suggest you to do plenty of exercises 2 hours every day to avoid somnolence. Overall I am okay with ayurvedic urea 4" liquid. - Haneul Cheong (South Korea)

14) 1 inch sample bought from here gave me 2 inches of height gain in 35 days this is so so so so so so so real pharmaceutical stuff. Look no further if you want to increase your height in today's world. My chinese girl friends are after it to buy but I don't know if they could get their hands on it by looking at present stock scenario. - Baozhai Mǎ (China)

15) Hey you and I have same same success story.. I did grow 1 inch in 7 days by using the sample 1 inch. We've done it We will do it. Everything is really possible, height is no exception this is proven. Love it.. Karishma - Karishma Chadha (India)

16) ayurvedic urea review - Powerful height enhancer. Outstanding product!!! Completely change my personality in a matter of 12 weeks. I highly recommend Ayurvedic urea to all desperate height seeker buddies.
ayurvedic urea official team review - Accurate Description + Timely Shipping = A+ (was quickly delivered to Calgary, Canada from VAncouver, canada in 3 days package was bigger but was awesomely packed and it was looking good) - Erica Carroll (Canada)

17) everyone is different and everyone will experience different results. I taken 6 in pack but I grew 4 inch only. everyone body is different, don't expect good results comparing yourself to others. Stick to good diets/nutritions... - Huìjūn Âng (Taiwan)

18) I ordered a 4' pack for my 14 year old son who stopped growing after he turned 10. It worked :) I wish to buy another 4 inch pack again soon.. :) - Maria Green (USA)

19) I was vomiting everyday in the morning during the ayurvedic urea intake but at the same time was growing couple of inch every month. How come somnolence is the only side effect??? - Zacarias lima, (Brazil)

20) I almost died eating the ayurvedic urea powder as it was so hard for my body to handle. On the plus side I managed 6.2 inches easily in 25 weeks. Idk if i should recommend ayurvedic urea or not you guys figure out yourself. - Phoenix Mcdonald (USA)

21) I gave 1 inch sample a try last month and it really worked so fine. You product is so damn legit guys. I respect your team for your greatest invention but one thin I could never understand and that is why is it so rare and why government's are after it? Iam not getting it.. - Victor (USA)

22) superb product to increase height easily, scam free way, very legit these authorized resellers are trustable. - Darren Webb (UK)

23) The 1st 6 in pack Dan shipped via DHL was destroyed by shipping company and never arrived. Thank god he shipped another 6 in pack via purolator shipping company and it arrived safe and sound, ayurvedic urea arrives fast and in good condition/packaging good seller for future purchases . I took the liquid urea and it worked, grown full 6 inchessss so happy buyer, I've never felt so happy before...this product ayurvedic urea changed my life. Product is legit and he is too.. - Lauren Oritz (Canada)

24) It not only worked towards height gain but also cured knee arthritis. - Masaki Shiba (Japan)

25) Interesting, but I would prefer the powder instead of herb. why bother with herb and the hassle associated with it?- ramsikarna (India)

26) I am 28 y/old I bought 1' sample. No other products helped me in gaining 1 mm, ayurvedic urea is the first and it helped in growing one full inch. First impression is the last impression that's why I am praising this himalayan height increaser and forcing you to buy it. The reason is it really works. If you were looking for a magic pill from several years then stop searching .. AYURVEDICUREA IS THE ONE.-ABEL RUTHERFORD (New Zealand)

27) No more embarrassing moments original ayurvedic urea developed by the official team is a world class legit product it worked for me and my brother we both used it we both have grown taller 2-2 inches. I would like to strongly recommend original ayurvedic urea as a treatment for your height and bones correction. - Saoirse Donovan (Ireland)

28) Today I am 25 /female. From the age of 16 I started taking numerous height increasing pills, powder, oils all turned bullshit and phony tails. None of them worked. I was curious about ayurvedic urea from the beginning when the company Ayurvedic Urea research launched the medicine in 2010-11. Back in 2011 the price was cheaper and was affordable but today I don't think any body without borrowing money from the bank could afford it. The price is ridiculous. let me talk about its efficiency - It works well very well it is indeed legit product it does make you taller but be wary about side effects. The side effects posted on ayurvedicurea dot com is not enough. When you take the medicine you will know about different deadly effects. So before buying ask them in person by contacting them at support at ayurvedicurea.com about side effects. You are a buyer and you have different rights to ask them questions so don't hesitate ask them. Mind You - Laura henningsen (Denmark)

29) received an email from support@ayurvedicurea.com and they said item is currently out of stock. i had to wait 11 months before this guy Randy one of the authorized seller delivered the product to me. product arrive in large shipment box sealed with red and yellow tapes as if i imported something suspicious from abroad. note that the cargo shipping box was shipped from China to netherlands. inside the package was 35 bottles of liquid ayurvedic urea each measuring 1 litre each. i drank the liquid ayurvedic urea morning afternoon and night before going to bed. oh my gosh i was sleeping every day/night and my eyes were hardly opened. after 8 months of struggle and eyes open/close I grew 5'.1/2"(five and half inches). the package i purchased was 6 inches liquid version. - Ujo Heijman (Netherlands)

30) Real and trustable product...
Hello guys and gals this product authentic ayurvedic urea is legit. You can trust this product. Unlike other scam products this product authentic ayurvedic urea is a real life changing medicine i felt it i got it i made it i changed it.I felt so worried & afraid the moment my credit card was charged for a 4" ayurvedic urea package. I felt so happy the moment I started growing taller. You can sincerely count on this medicine to grow taller and achieve your height increase journey. Start saving buds... It works. It is real.. It is trustable... well what I suggest is first try their 1" sample and if it works then try others - Tyler Hill (USA)

31) Ayurvedic urea is for adults who are over 18. If there is something that really work for a fused plates then it is ayurvedic urea. Been taking the 1 inch sample for 10 days and I see changes in my height and it works great. - Mohammad Irama (Indonesia)

32) Actually I am living in NZ and I applied to buy ayurvedic urea for my 5 foot girl in 2012 Melina declined the application. I submitted another interest to buy in 2013 she told me to reserve the product coz she take buyer in first come first serve basis. I reserved the product paying all money at once in 2013. It took her 1 year and a half to be in stock. Finally she shipped in Jan, 2016. Product was good and it worked for a 19 year old girl she is now five foot six and half. As an immediate effect, My girl used to feel sleepy all the time. Our sex life became good after she completed her ayurvedic urea dosage, no complaints and ya I love daily sex life is fun it's going great heheheehhehehehehehehheheeeeee - Scott Edgecumbe (New Zealand)

33) My success story : I purchased a sample pack the one they call "a one inch sample" that costs 10k just few weeks ago and my height started to change in less than 2 days after taking the sample ayurvedicurea according to the recommended dosage guide posted on this website, result visible in less than 2 days, excellent product. A strong buy! It's crazy to know that in order to grow you have to eat 8.5 kilograms i.e 8500 grams of ayurvedic urea in 14 days.. i am a ayurvedic urea believer now. - Thomas Smith (UK)

34) This is an unbelievable herb. I am telling you folks, Dhatrumurgasiniy herb the major ingredient of ayurvedic urea is the most scray grow tall herb I have ever seen. you can feel it's working inside your body from Day 1. I was worried when i was having the ayurvedic urea powder because my body was reacting differently than normal. I wanted to stand and I felt like sleeping, I wanted to drink coffee and I felt like jogging wtf. I felt like something is crawling inside my bones that was so weirdo and scary, Jesus. Oh holy Jesus, it worked. - Jessica Sarah Dean (UK virgin islands)

35) I came to know about ayurvedic urea when I was in Germany on a business trip. Guess how I knew about ayurvedic urea? Did u guessed? Let me reveal the secret. My personal car driver. My life has changed from that day and today I am a happy person. This is my 6 inches success story... At first ayurvedic urea looks scammy like a pill and too good to be true but once you've used it properly you will know it is a real legitimate deal. Coming from my own 6 inches experience ayurvedic urea deserves a round of flowers. 6" ayurvedic urea user - Randal Martin, (USA)

36) My name is margarita mendoza from mexico city in mexico and i am writing this on behalf of my son who is 14 years old. i ordered the 4 inch liquid. i am a super happy buyer. i recommend this medicine! it has a side effect but it works super well!!! i have no complaints for this medicine ayurvedic urea! if you can afford it you will never be disappointed! - margarita mendoza - (Mexico)

37) I am a US buyer. I ordered 1 inch sample from Jane Smith on 7th of January 2016 which I received on time. I used the 1 inch sample effectively and it really worked. I grew from 5’2” to 5’3” in 12 days. I became so happy I couldn’t resist and I re-ordered the 8 inch liquid on 10th of March 2016 which was reserved by her as 8 inch item was out of stock. She shipped the 8 inch on 3rd of September 2016 from Beijing China to Washington US. Yet I’ve not received the product and it is already 1 month. I think it is hunged up somewhere in custom. I contacted her several times and she replies: please hold on as item might be on the way to you. The fedex tracking says item is in transit since 1 month. what the hell is going on? If the item get lost in transit i will lose my money. Oh god please don’t do this to me, that was my hard saving. Why custom hold ayurvedic urea?- Tim Jackson (USA)

38) Buyers beware.. I bought a 8 inch liquid pack and it didn’t give me 8 inch. I consumed ayurvedic urea for 9 months and all I got was 6 inch growth. Before spending $30000 on a 8 inch liquid pack choose the 4 inch powder or 6 inch powder version and first try on yourself. Not to gamble with money spending at a 8 inch liquid pack if it is your first ayurvedic urea buy. Please note powder is definitely better than liquid that's why they supply powder as sample, if liquid was better then why powder is only sold as a sample? why not liquid? Please keep that thing in mind. Something is strange you better figure out straight. Be cautious with tedious shipping time as well. - Noah Brown (Australia)

39) “A breakthrough…. “
Well guys it will work if you do it right. if you do not do it right it will not work. before buying any height enhancer, height increasing pills, grow taller supplements please do a thorough research of the market. There are plenty of scammers and their scam product which simply do not work, don’t waste your money on those craps. Height is simply determined on how tall you would be by seeing your parent’s height. If you father is taller and you mother is short you would most probably be short or tall.
Another thing that determines your height is your growth plates. If it is closed after you crossed teenager age you won’t grow and buying pill would be a waste of your precious money, your hard earned money. I have heard stories of dudes growing taller even after their growth plates is fused. i don’t know how that happens but the story is true. There is a friend of mine who has also grown taller after his growth plates was fused. Miracle do happens. Sometimes science cannot figure out some supernatural phenomenon.
About Ayurvedic urea :- After using the 4 inch powder of ayurvedic urea i believe the growth plates theory is a old one, a myth and a bullshit. new studies, new researches are coming every day and ayurvedic urea is one of them. In my opinion, Ayurvedic Urea is a secret revolutionary breakthrough product which is kept hidden from public. This product breaches each and every scientific research and growth plates theory about how bones grow and etc.. I am 30 years old lady. It made me 5 inches taller in 6 months. I don’t know how doctors will take this? I am about to start a research about ayurvedic urea in my university papers Let’s see how it goes........ - Maddy Jenkins (USA)

40) Yup it worked for me. I gained 2 inch by trying the sample pack. What else do you want? What more do you want? Legit man legit (̶◉͛‿◉̶) -Jet hu wang (Hong Kong)

41) Fake ayurvedic urea pills = it didn't work money lost. original ayurvedic urea = instant legit height increaser. I'm very pleased.
- Gōng yě. (China)

42) I am 25/m. I bought 6” liquid, It works. It is proven from my 7.1 inches height gain.….
If you are still growing then don’t use ayurvedic urea. try human growth hormones instead. I was always short. Before my growth plates fused I tried hgh and I gained 1 inch but couldn’t add more inches solely from hgh. After my growth plates fused I opt for ayurvedic urea. Once you are done growing go visit your doctor and see if your growth plates are dead or not in your X-ray report , then you may try ayurvedic urea. Ayurvedic Urea works awesomely after your growth plates are dead. I don’t recommend you to try ayurvedic urea if your growth plates aren’t fused. Ayurvedic urea is for you if your plates are dead. it doesn’t make your penis, muscle grow bigger and longer. It makes your bones longer. Ayurvedic urea is for your bones. Calcium which makes your bones stronger and wider in density ayurvedic urea makes your bones longer. You grow afterall! longer bones means longer legs longer legs means tall guy. A must buy// - Vicenzo Henderson (USA)

43) I was once short 5.3 Arabian male. I don't want to f***** remember those f***** short days. I am taller now 5.10.. I have a wonderful girlfriend and awesome life. Fully satisfied with this product. - Shakir Tawfeek ( Saudi Arabia)

44) I grew 12 centimetres in 10 weeks UREA is damn legitimate... DANG, I thought of playing a lottery and spent $20000 on 4 inch liquid lol .I cannot believe it worked... I am 23 y.old male. If you are thinking of buying ayurvedic urea read my review and make your decision. Urea is legit. They priced it expensive because it works and it is rare. Trusted review from real buyer! - Theodore Aguilar(USA)

45) Story of a short indian girl who have grown 5 inches legitimately. so real product so legit.. buy it friends just buy it it will make you happy...
Since everyone was praising ayurvedic urea as a natural legit medicine to grow taller I jumped onto the boat into buying it. I reserved ayurvedic urea 2 years ago and order was shipped last April. I started using it regularly but I was too busy with my work schedule I forgot to check my height and was shocked when I noticed I had grown 2 inch in 3 weeks. At the end of 20 weeks I had grown 5 inch that is 12.7 cms height gain. i almost fainted seeing the results as i was so excited I couldn't breathe.. The good thing is I experienced no side effects not even somnolence or whatever. I must thank my body for it or I wouldn't be doing my job and could lose my job. Ayurvedic urea is a miracle powder if you want to grow taller fat legitimately and easily try ayurvedic urea, i would like to refer ayurvedic urea to everyone please try it. it is by far the best option to surgeries. Love you all.. - Sanjana kapoor (India)

46) Worst seller to deal with, had to wait 4 years to receive my package which was ordered in 2012. Don't trade with him you will regret.. Avoid at any cost. I have grown 3.10 inches, I admit ayurvedic urea is legit but if you are thinking of buying from the official reseller William Jones you are making the biggest mistake of your life but again, I guess you have no choices left behind unless you try from another unauthorized sellers whom I don't trust. If you have to wait 4 years to receive your package and still you are interested and you want to buy I admit you are world's foolish person. the same excuse; I am out of stock. He forgot me and started shipping new buyers as my name was put in the last in his book and when my turn came it was already January 2016. Unacceptable business unacceptable seller, the worst. Don't buy you will regret. - Daisy Westlake (UK)

47) Cheerful, Fortunate, Joyful 6 inches original ayurvedic urea user)
It has worked thank you so much bless you - Nelly Sunderland (France)

48) Being tall rocks. I was 6 foot 2 inches tall in 2014. I know this is a worldwide decent height but since I am from Netherlands a country where 6 foot 2 is seen as average, I wasn’t okay with my height and I didn’t loved the idea of limb surgery. So what next? I was randomly surfing classified forums and someone was suggesting other dude about ayurvedic urea and it’s success story. The testimonial posted by those users in that forum was trustworthy & seemed legit unlike other scam product reviews. Looking at it’s price and science, scientific theory about bones development i found it a legit and real deal. I went to my bank took a loan and ordered it. Today I stand at 6 feet 8 and this is the most admired height in Netherlands. Today I am Handsome Hunk and Masculine and made several girlfriends, I sleep with several girls hahahaa. My success story don’t ignore it. Shipping by these peoples:- not bad 17 days delivery within Europe and was shipped from Germany to Netherlands. - Johan de Coppello (Netherlands)

49) Steer clear from this official sellers, don't order from here. Waste of time and money. The reseller Dave Nash shipped my package via DHL and he provided me tracking number after 2 months yes 2 months because for 2 months their customer support team were busy serving other customers. I typed the tracking number on the dhl.com website and it said item is in custom in UK. I Waited for 2 years and Product never arrived and was in hold in UK custom like forever. Because of him I had a terrible quarrel with DHL and lost my business with DHL. The good thing is he gave me full money back after 2 years. "REJECTED" - Steve White (USA)

50) Posting on behalf of my 15 years old brother Nick Woods.
“THE WEIRDEST SUCCESS STORY OF ALL TIME, don't miss to see this”
I bought this 8" package for my small brother who was fu**** up by mother nature. I am 6'3" My dad is 6'2" My mother is 5'10" My brother 5'1". We tried numerous method to make him tall but nothing worked. We also tried weird ways to help him grow taller like visualization and law of attraction to increase height, improve his stature and it failed too. Lastly and the only option remaining was ayurvedic urea. I ordered it for him from here. My brother started using ayurvedic urea and he was hospitalized the first day of using it. Hospital bill $1500.
Reason ; Never stoping Diarrhea
we stopped giving him ayurvedic urea.
we complaint about it to the official guys and they replied it's normal and they told us to feed more ayurvedic urea. I was like are you f***** mad b****? They didn't replied after that. because the official guys told it was normal we thought it might be some temporary side effect and we told him to re-take the powder.
my brother was afraid to take the powder this time and my father was f****** angry at me. Anyways I took the courage of trying the ayurvedic urea on myself and to see if diarrhea occurs. I took the first shot of ayurvedic urea powder and I was blown away. I instantly got headache and need to sleep immediately. I woke up after 7 hours and I again took the courage of eating the crazy ayurvedic urea powder and this time I ate it with milk and i was normal. I tried the ayurvedic urea for 2 more days and I was normal. And then we gave the powder to my brother and he started using it again and no diarrhea this time. He repeatedly ate ayurvedic urea with milk for several days and visible signs of growth occurred. I had stadiometer ready. 1 inch in 18 days. 2 inch in 23 days 3 inch in 47 days 4 inch in 61 days 5 inch in 72 days 6 inch in 80 days 7 inch in 88 days 8 inch in 97 days 8.4 inch in 110 days. Ayurvedic Urea powder package was empty. Total height gain 8.4 inch as reported from our stadiometer.
Their slogan “Grow taller legitimately” is not fake. Now proved !!!
Have a good day everybody…
- Leon Woods

51) It doesn't make you hero by having a legit product in your hand but creating monopoly and giving problem to buyers. bunch of retards playing with life of innocent people by making them wait for years. Why don't you let us buy only once it is in stock and confirmed availability? why take reservation in advance and make people wait for years? Anonymous (Global)

52) I knew it was legitimate and it really works from the beginning thats why i bought it. I bought a 4 inch and success. 4.5 inch taller , 120 days timeline. Thank you so much guys... You guys are the best - Amos Fetter (Israel)

53) I had a doubt before trying but now after trying and growing taller ayurvedic urea has become a god like production to me. Super powerful product that makes you taller instantly. I mean not instant but its like instant. who gives you 5 inches in 3 months ? That's instant. :) :) :) :) :) i think nobody grew faster than me i grew 5 inches in 3 months just under 90 days grew 5 inches i also tried the 4 inches - Avery Jones (USA)

54) It worked from the day I started to have it... After reaching my ideal height I stopped having it and gave it to my sister she also grew taller. If you are looking for abra ka dabra go buy and have ayurvedic urea. me 9 cm sister 5 cm ;; I don't know where it was shipped from as i did not check the shipping label. i think from India or China. I don't think she shipped from US. - Kali Bhandari (India/Nepal)

55) Product has a very bad side effect and big threat to your health. before buying this product consult your doctor. I am 28, side effect is repeated vomiting out of blue and very bad bad somnolence. I took the 6 inch liquid and I was vomiting all the time. Overall I gained 5.2 inches after 32 weeks.. Ayurvedic is legit stuff but it's like keeping your life on the line to gain height. Not recommended. Be happy with your height. I don't want anyone to go through the struggle I went through... Vomiting has become my big phobia now. :( - Brock Hamilton (USA)

56) Too long delivery time... hassle to buyers. - Aman Salman Sai (India)

57) Because I'm happy...
Come along if you feel like a room with a tall boy dancing
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Clap along if you feel like ayurvedic urea gave new life to you
Because I’m happy
Amazing product…….. It worked! I am 27 y old, I increased my height with the help of it so quickly it worked like a charm. Not 1 inch not 3 inch it is 7 inches with the help of your 6 inches ayurvedic urea powder. I can’t believe it happened. Thank you so much for the invention thank you so much for the legitimate product. You are number one. You guys rock… A+ product A+ invention. Truly legitimate.. Truly works.
I admit ayurvedic urea has nasty side effects but the bottom line is it works. - Dick Murphy (USA)

58) Product lost on the way to shipping and never arrived but since there was full insurance I was covered. . If you are seriously interested in buying ayurvedic urea please consider buying it locally or from a seller whom you know in person. Ayurvedic urea is easily confiscated by postal office and goes to custom and you have to pay large taxes and charges. Since this is a high dollar item and obviously it is very rare chances are it get stolen too.. Again, Since i never received the item which I bought, I have no review to submit about ayurvedic urea on behalf of myself. But my best friend Daniel is a 2013 user of 4 inches original ayurvedic urea bought from these people's(ayurvedicurea.com authorized reseller ) and it worked on him, he gained 13 centimeters height. Product looks legit .. Daniel was 22 when he used it. Daniel my best friend, A plate fused user- Rowan Lawson(UK)

59) Tears fall from my eyes...
just feel how you will feel once you achieve the dream you always dreamt about? I was shortest in my family, after using ayurvedic urea 8 inch powder i have become the tallest in my family. 'close your eyes blink your eyes and life has changed... Allah thank you.
thank you so much
If you have a donation page let me know I will donate you $1000 right now -
Maktub Saqqaf (Dubai -UAE)

60) My success story is a good read. Here is my grow taller journey timeline...
2/20/2015 - starting to consume the 8" powder from this day
3/10/2015 - no height gain not even 1 mm (so worried)
3/21/2015 - strange signs of feeling of something happening to my bones all over the body, sharp pain inside bones all over the body, headache, nausea, pain inside my belly, etc etc....
3/27/2015 - 2 cm height gain (wows)
4/20/2015 - 2 inches height gain (omg)
5/10/2015 - 4 inches height gain (went to heaven)
6/21/2015 - 5.5 inches height gain (parties and parties)
7/5/2015 - 7 inches height gain (smiles smiles smiles)
8/28/2015 - 8.10 inches height gain (love is in the air)
Ayurvedic Urea + Struggle = Height gain of 8.10 inches
Total expenditure on Ayurvedic Urea $52000 USD including import taxes plus other misc expenses.
Total profit = life time of happiness
Thank you
Samuel -
Samuel Danes Kernin (France)

61) Medicine worked, I grew 22 centimeters. 24 yrs old male, I reserved 8 inch pack from Randy Diaz and After paying I was on hold by his team for 6 months. After 6 months product arrived in their stock and he shipped to me by usps priority mail international on 1/26/2015. I received the urea ayurvedic on 2/24/2015. The box contained white powder similar to white baking powder. As a first try, I swallowed the urea and it didn't taste good. I was on a fasting diet that week so didn’t take urea right away . I waited until 3/10/2015 and started to take the urea from 3/10/2015. I mixed the urea with coconut milk and plant based protein. Jesus it was very hard to take this medicine, too much headaches, spine pain, legs pain… swelling.. add more to that, dizziness.. Final say:- 22 centimeters growth from this product alone and no surgeries... Miracle! :) :) :) :) :) - Callum Grant (UK)

62) At first before using ayurvedic urea my impression was :- Hahahahaahhaha really? This stuff is too good to be true!
After using ayurvedic urea my impression is :- Take it seriously folks, This stuff is way too legit to avoid!
Review about Ayurvedicurea.com company and their seller:- I ordered a 4" from these guys, their authorized reseller Dave I Nash and he forgot to ship my package. After 2 months of ordering I sent him an email about my package and one of their staff told me that ‘“we apologize we forgot your order and my order was eligible for rush delivery”.. What a crappy reseller and crappy customer support?
Review about Ayurvedic urea 4" powder:- Exceptionally large package shipped in a massive wooden UPS box. Package was stinky and the ayurvedic urea powder smelt so bizarre as I believe the package was leaked and some liquid entered inside it. I couldn't eat the powder as it was so smelly and stinking.. but anyways at the end took my courage out and closed my nose and finally got a habit of it... And I was eating it every day morning afternoon night according to their manual book. Oh my god i was worried and feeling anxious, anxiety all over my brain.. because I didn't grow at all and it was already 30 days gone without growing 1 milimeter. Was it a scam? Did I just got scammed? Did I just lost my hard earned money? Was my money stolen to ayurvedic urea hi fi scammers? Hmmmmm After 35 days I felt tingling sensation all over my joints. I felt like I was starting to grow coz I felt weird pain in my joint ankle neck hands limbs feet and all are associated with bones. On the 36th day and not growing 1 mm I measured my height that night and I had grown 1 inch in 1 night oh my god holy shit i jumped out of excitement, disbelief, . days and nights passed and after 68 days i was already 3 inches taller. After 98 days I became 4.5 inches taller. This is the first time I spent huge amount on a product which gave me good results and i am very happy. way too legit to avoid… Winning a $20000 lottery in 2006 didn’t gave me so much happiness this product gave to me in 2016.. thank you - Denver M. Chambers (USA)

63) I ordered 6" liquid from Randy(authorized reseller) 9 months ago. He is a good person to deal with, he is calm and answer all questions properly. I am happy and just because of this guy Randy I have grown taller. He kept me in priority and delivered the product within 4 months of ordering. Thank you Randy. On a side note I paid him $11000 extra for priority delivery. - Anonymous (Canada)
64) I bought 4 inch liquid pack from Dave I Nash. I rate him 5 out of 5 stars. Amazing customer service(he is quick to respond to any questions, I think he is on phone all the time lol) and he wanted $2000 extra for expedited delivery. I waited like 4 months and he delivered the 4 inch pack to my doorstep after 4 months of wait time. I highly recommend this person. Just make sure you tip him, he is gonna appreciate your reward and reward you in return by reducing your wait time. A secret! - Mike Mike (Mexico)
65) Jane smith is a complete waste of time. She wasted my precious time and refunded/cancelled my order after waiting for 8 months. Don't order from Jane Smith. She is rude and cancel your order any time. She doesn't care about human sentiments and emotions. Avoid Jane at all cost.. - Peter Ad (U.K)
66) Greetings, we tried the whole 6 inch course for our 24 years old son, he showed a lot of growth and increase in height. This product is meant to cure height disorders and deliver the results as promised. As a mother, I am relieved now. Thank you ayurvedic urea team for creating this breakthrough height increasing miracle product. The amount of happiness you receive later is truly amazing experience in comparison to the side effects. side effect was really bad which was painful watching and it lasted for 2 weeks and I know it depends on body type. My son wasn't lucky in this case. He went through headache and stomach pain in the first week followed by light vomiting in the second week. Starting 3rd week everything was normal and we started to see visible growth. Anyways, I am recommending this magical product to everyone in my circle, I wish your company immense growth. Thank you again! - Elyas (Malaysia)

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